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By Dave Scherer on 2024-06-18 09:59:00

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Does ROH even have storylines anymore is it just wrestling?

AEW's main shows barely have storylines (at least competent storylines) and they air on an actual TV network.  You really expect ROH to have storylines?

What’s your opinion on Bret and Goldberg? It never seemed to me that Bill did it on purpose. I get Bret being upset by it, but 25 years later to hear him still rip Bill to shreds seems tough. Obviously, it’s Bret’s body and it lead to a lot of other issues down the road for him, but it does still come off harsh when Goldberg has seemed genuinely remorseful and apologetic for his actions. 

I get why Bret feels the way he does but like you said, it was an accident.  Bret’s brother Owen was one of the greatest wrestlers in the world and he still dropped Steve Austin on his head and changed the trajectory of what Austin could do in the ring.  Accidents happen in a physical business like wrestling.  I understand how Bret feels, for sure, but to be as bitter as he is all these years later just isn’t healthy for him.  I wish he could find peace.

I saw Mike mention that NXT’s Johnny Russo being at TNA Against All Odds. Any reports of anyone at TNA nearly having heart attacks when hearing that “Russo” was expected backstage?


Thoughts on Chad Gable staying with WWE?

I can’t speak on financials because I don’t know them but from a work perspective, I think he made a fantastic choice and I am very happy he stayed.  He has gotten to show the world how great he is as a character under HHH and after hearing Paul Levesque talk about Chad at the Clash post show presser, it’s only the beginning.  Gable could easily hang with anyone in AEW in the ring but Tony Khan’s booking would destroy all that Chad has created as a character and that would be a big time shame to let happen.  I am really happy he stayed in WWE.  His stuff is great. Did he make the right call?   You can place your wager at utlä

How much legal trouble would he get in if he came out as Rick O'Shay in AEW? 

I can’t say it with 100 percent certainty but I know that he owned the Ricochet name before going to WWE so unless he signed the rights away, which I have never heard to be the case, he can use the name wherever he goes post WWE.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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