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By Dave Scherer on 2024-06-17 10:00:00

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If you go to or stay with AEW, are you really “betting on yourself?”  Or are you simply betting on the man child son of a billionaire to pay you a small fortune to be in his collection?

It’s not a case of one size fits all.  Take The Young Bucks for instance.  They would never sniff close to the money or the push in WWE that they get in AEW.  So they are betting on themselves by staying in AEW, and they are winning the bet. Now if it’s a talent that WWE doesn’t want?  Well, I guess someone could come along and be the next Cody Rhodes but the odds of that happening are seriously small in my opinion.  So they aren’t betting on themselves, they are making the best move that they can.

Despite Tony’s money, Would TNA or New Japan be a better spot for Ricochet?

Probably not.  Money matters and so does being able to have fun at your job.  AEW has a lot of people that Ricochet wants to work with again, plus Tony’s money, so that seems like the best place for him to go if he doesn’t change his mind and stay with WWE.

Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and Chris Jericho go to a bar in Florida.  Maybe it serves Pizza, or not.  What happens?

I don’t know for sure but someone is probably getting a $1,500 tip, and maybe even an NDA.

Has Paul Levesque gotten the most out of Braun Strowman since his return, more than Vince?  Braun is an upper mid carder but he has this Andre vibe of a massively imposing babyface who exists solely to right wrongs and beat up bullies.  Both his gimmick and card placement clicks for me at least.

Like most people in WWE right now, HHH’s team has gotten far more out of them than Vince McMahon did.  It’s hard to believe how much WWE has changed in the last two years, for the better.  I am so glad that Vince has been put out to pasture.  I wish it would have happened a decade earlier.

Has Triple H softened your criticism of the money in the bank briefcase since he took over?   He booked Damien Priest strong as Mr. Money in the Bank and the cash in was a great Wrestlemania moment that helped do business for Clash at the Castle and the CM Punk/Drew McIntyre rivalry.  Do you still hate the briefcase or just the taste of McMahon flavor on the Briefcase.

The case has been used much, much better under Triple H.  I still don’t like the aspect of being able to cash in at any time because to me, it doesn’t make sense since no one can ever do something like that any other time, but it definitely has been booked a lot better under HHH.

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