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By Mike Johnson on 2024-06-15 10:00:00

Where is Hangman Page?

Page took time off from AEW to handle some family matters.

Does Mick Foley own the name Cactus Jack? He used that personality in many places before he worked for WWE?

The only persona Mick Foley couldn't technically use outside of WWE would be Mankind, which was created by the company.  Mick created Cactus Jack and used it for his first wrestling match, which was many years before he signed with WWE in 1996, so WWE couldn't claim ownership unless Foley signed it over and there's no way he was that dumb. 

When Ric Flair left WCW after his argument with Jim Herd: Since Flair was never given his money back and kept the title in his possession, who has the copy of the title that was eventually one by the Masa Chono the next year? 

When the NWA legally prevented WWF from showing the title  with Ric Flair on WWF television (remember Jack Tunney pixelizing the belt?  Now you know why), the title was returned to the NWA.  About a year later, the NWA partnered with WCW (which was being operated by Kip Frye) and New Japan to have a title tournament (by the time this took place, Bill Watts was now in charge of WCW) and that same belt was won by Masahiro Chono, who defeated Rick Rude in June 1992.  The NWA "gold belt" eventually turned into just the "Gold Belt" then the "WCW International World Title" after the NWA yanked the usage of th NWA letters from WCW.  Confused yet?  I certainly was watching all this at the time.  The WCW International World title was eventually merged with the WCW World title with Ric Flair defeating Sting in June 1994.  Flair went on to lose the unified title, which used the Gold Belt, to Hulk Hogan.  That belt remained in play until the end of WCW.

Why is WWE pushing this Fanaticsfest thing?

Fanatics have exclusive merchandise rights to WWE and are a partner for the company.

I thought the TNA+ site exclusively had their PPV Countdown Shows - what happened?

They changed their mind and put them back on YouTube.



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