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By Mike Johnson on 2024-06-14 09:53:00


What were you thinking as you watched the Hardy Compound stuff?

I thought Eddie Edwards as a werewolf was great and I thought, "Man, the Hardy kids are going to have some crazy family movies to watch when they grow up."

Is that a real place or a movie set?

100% Matt and Reby Hardy's home in North Carolina.

Speaking of The Hardys, I was wondering when did they have their debut WWF match and were there any promos or vignettes hyping their debut?

There were no vignettes hyping the two.  They had been working as enhancement talent since 1996-1997 and were eventually signed, I believe by Jim Ross, to the WWF.  They were then formatted into storylines, including a pretty quick Tag Team title win.  Once they had that Ladder Match with Edge and Christian, they were cemented as legitimate stars, in part because WWF made it such a massive moment the next day on Raw.

Do you think now that everyone is a free agent we'll ever get the Matt Hardy-Lita-Edge interview where they all talk about everything?

It's a long time ago and everyone has moved on to where they are in their lives now, so I tend to say no but if someone offered them each a crazy amount of money to do it, maybe they would consider it.  I don't know how much anyone wants to talk about their romantic entanglements from a decade-plus ago, especially when they are married to others today.  It just seems like waiting for bad karma in my opinion.

Can Jeff Hardy make a successful comeback?

How do you define a comeback?  A WWE run?  That could happen.  Endeavor's way of handling talents and schedule is very different compared to Vince McMahon's.  What does Jeff want?  If he can stay sober and healthy, it's quite possible he can wrestle for many more years - if he wants to do that.  In many cases, fans are willing to forget and I don't see them being angry at him the way many fans hold Hulk Hogan's discretations against Hogan, for example.  I wouldn't say Jeff needs to make a comeback though.  I've been to countless conventions and events where the line is out the door for Matt and Jeff Hardy photos and autographs.  People care about them.   It's not like they are living the old "Lonely Virgil" meme!  I think it's just a matter of whether he and Matt are pushed in prominent roles on national television.  Whether that is going to happen or not, I don't know.

Who owns the OMEGA tape library?

I don't know there is a massive library but I would assume the rights fall with Matt Hardy, since he was pretty much the promoter, although others were obviously involved as well.


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