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By Dave Scherer on 2024-06-11 10:00:00

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If Ricochet goes to AEW, is he making a mistake?

Only he can answer that question.  If he feels like he has gone as far as he can in WWE, I can’t blame him for going in another direction.  Cody Rhodes felt the same way and bet on himself.  I am not saying that the two are equal but if Ric isn’t happy in WWE, he should go where he thinks he will be happier.  I just hope if he goes to AEW, he is used well.

With Ricochet on the way out of WWE, what is Samantha Irvin's status?  If there's any chance of her leaving, WWE needs to drop what they are doing and address that immediately.  She is (arguably) the best ring announcer in wrestling right now, and if she left it would be a massive, MASSIVE blow to WWE's presentation.

I think she is easily the best ring announcer in the business and WWE knows how great she is.  I would expect that they will do all that they can to keep her.  If I were her, I wouldn’t go anywhere since she is the best ring announcer for the best company.

Adam Copeland has said on Busted Open that he could have probably accomplished the same goal by jumping off the top rope instead of the top of the cage.  If Adam himself thinks that the move off the cage was unnecessary, a move that will take a valuable year or so off of the remainder of what he has left in his career, what do you say to his defenders that commend him for doing such a high risk move at his age?

I think anyone who defends the spot he did has no clue about the wrestling business.  That move had disaster written all over it and history already showed us the damage that pretty much the same spot did to an older Randy Savage when he did it.  That spot should never have been allowed for a 50 year old man.  Never.

After reading your article about the June 5 Dynamite ratings, I was wondering if AEW would be smart to have MJF segments as the last one of the show in order to maybe hold a audience instead of him drawing around a million and then a steady decline for rest of show.

I don’t think it would work.  He has been in later segments in the past and the opening quarter hour still dropped.  I think that last week was an isolated incident since he was away for so long and their was anticipation as to what he would say upon his return.

Have you ever talked  with Vince McMahon?

Nope, I haven’t.  I don’t feel like I am missing out on anything.

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