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By Mike Johnson on 2024-06-08 21:00:00 has confirmed with multiple sources that WWE's Ricochet has given notice that he intends to exit the company when his current contract expires this summer.   We are told that Ricochet is expected to be written out of WWE storylines very soon in advance of the contract expiration.   Ricochet is currently part of WWE's Raw brand.

Over the course of his WWE run, Ricochet has held the WWE Intercontinental Championship, The United States Championship, The WWE NXT North American Championship and was the inaugural WWE Speed Champion.   He and Aleister (Malakai) Black won the 2019 WWE NXT Dusty Rhodes Tag Classic.

Ricochet signed with WWE back in 2018 after memorable runs in New Japan Pro Wrestling (where he won the 2014 Best of Super Junior tournament), EVOLVE, Dragon Gate and Lucha Underground, where he held the LU Championship twice and was the centerpiece of the El Rey Network series as the masked Prince Puma.  Ricochet's New Japan run included a celebrated bout against Will Ospreay (now in AEW) that could obviously be revisited once Ricochet is free and clear contractually.  Ricochet was also the first-ever House of Glory Champion.

One source we spoke with said they were giving Ricochet "all the credit in the world for betting on himself."   One would think he'll quickly be a hot commodity as a free agent. 

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