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By Mike Johnson on 2024-06-07 10:00:00

Whatever happened to AR Fox?  Is he injured?

I do not believe he's injured and have not heard anything of that sort. it is probably a case of he's just not worked into Tony Khan's mix currently for the talents that are on television.  To the best of my knowledge he remains under contract to AEW.

Why is the Mike Tyson fight stuff on PWInsider?  Is that fight a work? Is that why? I don't understand why you have Tyson boxing stuff on the site?

We have the Mike Tyson versus Jake Paul content on the site for several reasons.  Mike Tyson was a headline WrestleMania celebrity for one of the biggest Wrestlemania moments of all time - the coronation of Steve Austin as WWF Champion in Boston.  He’s also a WWE Celebrity Hall of Famer so it fits into the periphery of what we cover, no different than a movie starring Dave Bautista or The Rock would warrant coverage here on the site. Jake Paul is the brother of Logan Paul, who is the current WWE United States champion and Logan Paul has inserted himself into the build of the fight as recently as this past week when they postponed it as Logan went on social media offering to fight his brother in Mike Tyson's absence. As to whether the fight is a work or not I have no idea, but believe it will be a legit fight.  Either way, it certainly is something that is of interest to professional wrestling fans, therefore it's on the site.

Is WWE buying TNA?

Well there have obviously been conversations between the two sides. We have not heard anything that leads me to believe (as I am writing this) that TNA is in the process of being sold to World Wrestling Entertainment.  Certainly there were times where it was flirted upon in the past as Dixie Carter did investigate that idea when she was the owner. I don't see Anthem looking to sell it unless it is similar to what Sinclair Broadcast Group went through during the pandemic where they were cash short and needed to offload assets in order to protect the overall financial health of their company.  Until or unless we see evidence of that, I don't see Anthem just looking to sell TNA off after so many years of trying to build up an asset that has been utilized on the Fight Network, GameTV, AXS TV and all these other assets that they own.  But, stranger things have certainly happened in professional wrestling.

I’ll bite.  Who Killed WCW?

It was death by 1,000 cuts caused by a number of people, some of whom made bad mistakes (and didn’t realize it at the time), some who put their own benefit above the company, some who were clueless but at the end of the day, the AOL-Time Warner merger is what killed the company.  The second Ted Turner lost power, no one was going to keep it afloat.  Had the merger taken place when the company was profitable, perhaps it would have been a different story in that Eric Bischoff would have been able to secure a timeslot elsewhere on a non-Turner station, but we’ll never know.  But, everyone involved has some culpability.

Do you think Vice does a Who Killed ECW documentary?

I don’t know.  I do think The Rock giving us his take on ECW would be pretty interesting though.


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