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By Dave Scherer on 2024-06-05 09:59:00

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I’ve never seen Randy Orton as over as a babyface as he’s been since his return at Survivor Series.  He’s also in next level mega shape, he made Roman look small.  If Cody Rhodes and Finishing the Story wasn’t around, should Randy have been the guy to dethrone Roman at Wrestlemania 40?

Randy has been outstanding since he has returned and sure, if Cody wasn’t around they could have definitely had Randy beat Roman.  But my feeling for a couple of years now has been that WWE wanted the guy who beat Roman to get elevated in the process and obviously Randy doesn’t need that.  He’s already a first ballot Hall Of Fame.

Could Orange Cassidy have had a run in WWE.  I’m not saying push him the way Tony does.  But if OC came to WWE and stayed exactly the way he is, no evolution, could he at least lasted 3 years and one contract, either under Paul Levesque or the Previous administration.

Here is the problem, exactly the way he is won’t work in WWE.  No selling moves that should wipe a guy out?  Not going to happen.  The hands in the pocket thing?  He would get punched in the face every single time.  Tony allows for that kind of stuff, WWE creative doesn’t.  So, there’s no way I see this version of Orange lasting a year in WWE, let alone three.

If R-Truth went to AEW and worked with Chris Jericho, would he be calling Luther “Ralphus?”


While all wrestlers dream of performing in front of such an enthusiastic crowd like the one from Backlash France, there are 2 drawbacks to that crowd. One, when the crowd is overly excited compared to what is happening in the ring, it looks like some Superstars were thrown off and their timing was affected during the PLE matches. Two, Styles and Rhodes had a good promo exchange explaining their unique backstory for their Backlash match on Smackdown, but the fans hijacked the promo for the home viewers on Smackdown - neutering the point of the promo. Do you think an overly hot crowd that goes into business for themselves by making themselves the stars of the show can have deleterious effects on a show or is it always a net positive because the fans are enjoying themselves?

I think there is a difference between going into business for themselves, as the post Raw Mania crowd did for years due to Vince McMahon’s bad booking, and a fired up crowd that is happy to see all of the stars, as the crowd in France was.  The wrestlers knew what the PLE would be like because Smackdown the day before was the same way.  I think in the case of France (and other venues like it), it’s a big plus.  When the crowd is destroying the show and throwing beach balls, it hurts it.

Have you seen the Meltzer vs. Alvarez arguments where Bryan is pointing out AEW’s booking/business fallacies and Uncle Dave is genuinely tweaking trying to make excuses. The recent Toni Storm argument was hilarious.

Since Uncle Dave has shown the world who he is, I haven’t really heard a whole lot from people about him lately since it’s just the same thing over and over again, but I did get sent one interplay and I laughed out loud at it.  I have no idea how Bryan didn’t call Dave a f’n imbecile because man, he sure came across like one.  I also don’t know what took Bryan so long to realize how bad the AEW booking is but at last he finally does.  Uncle Dave?  He will never admit it because if he does so, he will be telling the world that the kind of wrestling he always thought the masses wanted to see and would overtake WWE is not his beloved ADD style, it’s current WWE.  Honestly, I don’t know how anyone can do audio with Uncle Dave and not call him out at least 20 times per show. He reminds me of Stimpy, from the Ren And Stimpy cartoon.

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