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By Dave Scherer on 2024-06-04 09:59:00

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Has the business of pro wrestling ever been more volatile than what it is right now? WWE is crushing it, but they could be in the crosshairs of the Federal Government very soon. Not to mention they seem to be struggling to get contract negotiations handled in a timely fashion. AEW is in the weirdest spot it’s ever been in creatively and public perception wise. They could be very profitable soon or they could continue to be Tony’s labor of love that makes no money. It feels like pro wrestling is either in a really great spot or could be in a massive bind soon. What say you? And how do you see the next 6-12 months playing out for both companies? 

AEW first.  Yes, that is exactly what it feels like to me too.  Will Tony get the big TV deal, which should finally make the company profitable?  We just don’t know.  I hope like hell that he does.  It’s best for the business.  Onto WWE…..first off, I am not overly concerned about the Federal Government investigation.  That will focus mainly on the actions of Vince McMahon and he is no longer there.  None of what is alleged happened on TKO’s watch so I don’t think they have a lot to worry about.  As I said the other day, where information that the Fed wants on Vince McMahon is concerned, I would cooperate fully if it were my call.  I think they will be fine overall.  As for contracts, yes that is something they need to get much, much better at.  I understand that the new owners haven’t been at it that long but still, the talent is the main asset that WWE has and they need to be handled better than they are right now.

I’m an old school fan from the 70’s. I was wondering if you think Vince blew it when he had Flair and Hogan in WWF at the same time but didn’t pull the trigger on the match at WrestleMania VIII and let Ted have the match at a lesser PPV in WCW?

I totally think that Vince McMahon blew it with Flair vs. Hogan.  It always seemed to me like he didn’t want Flair in with Hulk as a way of proving that the WWF was better than WCW so he kept Flair away from his big star.  In any event, he absolutely blew a dream match and feud with those two.  That would have been money.  It would have drawn WCW fans to WWF to see the match.  He definitely left money on the table there.

How do you see Drew Gulak's future? After Ronda's accusations and rumors of being a bully, do you think he will work in a big company like TNA, AEW or NJPW?

I don’t have a crystal ball but I think for now he will stay in the indy world.  Down the road, that could definitely change since he is really good at working with talents but for now, I think companies will probably just let the issue die down before they even think of bringing him in.  

Do you think that in 2025 WWE will hold Wrestlemania in London? If this is so, do you think they will surpass last year's All In attendance on both nights?

This is purely me guessing, nothing more.  So if I am guessing, I still find it very interesting that we know where SummerSlam 2026 is, and that it’s two days, but we don’t know where next year’s is.  I just have this feeling that it would make perfect sense to announce SummerSlam 2025 at Wembley, over two nights, at Clash At The Castle next week.  The timing just seems to line up.  I wouldn’t be surprised if at some time WrestleMania moves out of the US time zone though.  I think it would take a big chunk of change to get WWE to do that due to the timing in the States.  If WWE does hold the shows there, I would think they would break AEW’s numbers both nights unless they chose to do staging that would prevent selling seats.  What I believe for sure is that they will blow away AEW’s gate because WWE tickets cost serious money.

Do you know why there are women who work exclusively on Ring of Honor? Red Velvet, Kiera Hogan and the champion Athena are never used on Dynamite and rarely used on the other shows. These women are all talented and I would say more talented than Anna Jay or even Skye Blue. Why doesn't Tony Khan use them to try and elevate the skill level of AEW's women's division? 

I wish I knew, I truly do.  Clearly it’s a choice he has made to keep them on his least watched show.  I agree with you, there are talented women there would could definitely help AEW on their bigger shows.

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