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By Dave Scherer on 2024-06-03 10:01:00

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So a couple weeks ago you guys had a question from someone who really, really hated Jey Uso. For me I felt Jey Uso has been one of the best things HHH has done since taking over. The way he’s been built up from being seen as just a tag team guy to a legit main event guy. People have gotten to go on a journey with his character with the Bloodline to where he is now. His crowd reactions are awesome. And he’s one of the guys now where I won’t be changing the channel if Jey Uso is on my screen. Though I really hardly skip anything at all under HHH’s regime. The way he has rebuilt so many guys and girls who Vince McMahon had so badly damaged or saw little to nothing in is truly remarkable. Jey Uso. Chad Gable. The list goes on. Your thoughts?

I agree with you 100 percent!  I love the way that they have built Jey up and so do the fans.  The scene with him in France is something I won’t ever forget.  Why that person hated Jey so much, I have no idea.

I saw the 5/28 edition of NXT. It caught my attention that almost everyone in attendance chanted TNA, TNA! Whey Jordynne Grace made her entrance. Would you say that there are more people than ratings show that watch TNA? Or would you categorize NXT fans that go to tapings more hardcore than let’s say a fan that would attend a NXT PLE?

The audience at the NXT tapings is very hardcore.  They tend to know a lot about what is going on everywhere.  That was my take when they reacted to Grace.

How do you guys feel about Jordynne Grace showing up on NXT tonight? I felt it was really well done.  She came out, got a good pop, introduced herself and made her mission statement.  With this being her 2nd appearance now, would it be safe to say her time in TNA may be drawing to a close sooner rather than later?  

I said as much right after it happened.  It would surely seem that WWE has interest in her, and rightfully so.  She’s a super talent.

And how do you feel about the cross promotion with TNA?  It seems like another chess move by HHH;  I’ll show AEW how to do inter promotional angles.

I think it’s a cool thing that will bring some buzz both sides.  And there very well be a larger play going on that we don’t know about at this time.

I have wondered this. When talent contracts are up for negotiation. Who are they negotiating with? How do they determine how much somebody is worth. 

Generally it’s with talent relations, but obviously bigger names get more attention from significant people in the company.  It really goes on a case by case basis.  The higher up a talent is, the more leverage they have.

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