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By Mike Johnson on 2024-05-30 10:00:00


With WrestleMania coming to Las Vegas next year what happens to aew's double or nothing? with the show being so late in April and double or nothing usually being in May it's going to obviously intrude on one of the biggest shows of the Year for all Lee wrestling. what do you think?

Well there's lots of other cities that have casinos.  AEW could easily move it to say Atlantic City next year....or they could just dig in their heels and go forward with the show in Las Vegas.  We'll have to see.

Any reason as to why Jay White and the Gunns have dropped the Bullet Club Gold name from their stable?

My guess is that it's a branding thing and that if they keep using the Bullet Club name for merchandise New Japan gets a share of the revenue and this is their way of Shifting away from it. it could also just be that they've decided to do something fresh and you need for the guns and Jay White and not use the bullet club name after using it initially as the foundation.  But, no official word.

I absolutely loved MJF’s return promo. But I do wonder based on his attack on Adam Cole and the promo’s apparent retconning of his 2023 storylines, is this going to lead to a burial/pruning of the Undisputed Kingdom from storylines?

My thoughts watching that angle at the AEW pay-per-view was that they were just using Adam Cole as the vehicle to show that MJF was back  Since Adam Cole unfortunately still does not appear to be getting cleared to compete anytime soon this was basically MJF getting his revenge and having some final words to close out that storyline at least for now.  Whatever they do at mjf going forward I don't believe it's going to be related to the Undisputed Kingdom in the short-term future, nor should it be.

Since Minneapolis will host the first two-night Summerslam, do you think that it and future Summerslams will attract the same level of indie promotions and conventions that we’ve seen at towns hosting Manias for the last decade?

Yes I do believe we'll start to see some of that I was told that at least some independent promotions will be running Summer Slam weekend this year and you have to think that if they're going to build SummerSlam in Minneapolis in 2026 as a big weekend with all sorts of accoutrements and additional events, fan Gatherings, etc.  that it's only natural that a wrestlecon a game changer wrestling Etc will come and have events over the course of that weekend. if WWE builds SummerSlam into a event that draws hundreds of thousands of people the same way that WrestleMania does those fans are going to need things to do and some of them will want to go to wrestling beyond the WWE brand name. it only makes sense that we're WWE plants flag for a big weekend other promotions and events will.

Is Jordynne Grace signed to WWE?

No, I believe she is under contract to TNA until the sometime in the first quarter of 2025.

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