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By Mike Johnson on 2024-05-28 22:05:00

Former AEW star Ethan Page, 34, debuted tonight for WWE NXT as a surprise on tonight's USA Network broadcast, attacking NXT Champion Trick Williams and revealing he was behind a recent series of attacks onn NXT talents. has confirmed Page has signed with WWE.  We are told that Page was at the WWE Performance Center last week "under the cover of extreme darkness" and signed at some point over the last few days.

Page exited AEW and sister promotion Ring of Honor earlier this month, although circumstances as to why have never been publicly disclosed.  Page was with those promotions from 2001 until May of this year.  Before that run in AEW, he and Josh Alexander teamed as The North in TNA, where they held the Tag Team Championship.  He was one of the top heels in the now-defunct EVOLVE from 2013-2017.  

Page, a great promo, promotes Alpha-1 Wrestling out of Hamilton, Ontario and regularly posts vlogs focusing on his toy hunts across the United States as well.

You can see the angle featuring Page's NXT debut below:


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