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By Mike Johnson on 2024-05-28 10:01:00

For the many of you who have asked, here is a rundown of where things stand regarding injuries coming out of AEW Double or Nothing:

Adam Copeland - There was a rumor being bounced around among WWE talent at Raw yesterday that Copeland broke his leg in the spot coming off the top of the barbed wire steel cage vs. Malakai Black, but we have been unable to confirm that is actually the case.  Within AEW circles, there was concern he had instead suffered a knee injury, but there's been no word behind the scenes as to any sort of official diagnosis. [Update 11:07 AM - Copeland has announced he suffered a broken tibia.]

Malakai Black - is told there was concern for him after the cage match due to the amount of blood he lost but he was OK after, just really banged up and exhausted, as one might imagine after going through that insane match.

Jack Perry - Perry was 100% OK after the Anarchy in the Arena match despite being set on fire.  Perry had done the same stunt before and we are told that the company jumped through every hoop to make sure it was done correctly and safely.  The spot where he "knocked himself out" crashing the bus was to take Perry off camera so he could gel himself up for the fire stunt.

Darby Allin - Allin went to the hospital after the match to get checked out and had a number of cuts on his face from the thumbtack superkicks while he was upside down, but was checked out and released:

Will Ospreay - Somehow, Will Ospreay was OK after that insane bump that went awry early on in his bout with Roderick Strong.

Matt Taven - We are told that Taven was also OK after taking a hard bump during that same spot.

In non-PPV injury notes:

As reported last night, Eddie Kingston is slated for surgery on his ACL and meniscus on 7/8.

Athena is expected to be out a few weeks to heal her ankle.

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