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By Dave Scherer on 2024-05-29 09:59:00

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How do you think Eric Bischoff would do booking AEW, with the current roster, not bringing in people?

As long as Tony Khan owns the company I don’t ever see that happening.  For one, Tony won’t give up the book.  But more importantly Eric values his sanity and I think he knows working for Tony wouldn’t be a great experience.  If it did happen, my gut is that Eric would demand full creative control and then bring in a team to do the booking, with him overseeing it.  If that happened, I think that in at least most cases the talents would be used much better than they are being used right now.

Has there been any update on if Becky Lynch has signed a new contract? 

As of Memorial Day, we have not been told that she has signed a new deal.  My hope is that she stays in WWE.  I think if she looks at how it’s gone so far with Mercedes, WWE is the better option for her, especially if her husband stays there.

Where will Wrestlemania 42 take place?

We haven't been told yet.

After a truly stupid main event (which I guess equates to EVPs > World title)… who is the next one to die during a wrestling event: Ric Flair, Darby Allin or other?  I truly never want to hear — even in jest — about this clown show being the safest company in the world.  (In full disclosure, didn’t waste my money but saw some social media posts including from attendees and cannot understand why any talent would risk themselves like this in the year 2024.)

You aren’t wrong.  I talked about how ridiculous the risks are that the wrestlers in AEW take on my show on Monday.  In big matches, talents will do big spots.  That’s a given.  In WWE, they sell them and don’t do a myriad of them.  In AEW, they are transitions that lead to more crazy moves.  For instance, my knees started hurting when I watched Adam Copeland land after jumping from the top of the structure.  A 20 year old man’s knees wouldn’t take that well. A fifty year old?  All I could think was OUCH (and it ended up I was right).  When you have guys like Copeland and Bryan Danielson choosing to do the dangerous stuff and Tony Khan doesn’t stop them, well danger will abound.  To be fair though, Tony meant that AEW was a safe workplace outside the ring.  At least I think that’s what he meant because there is no way it’s even remotely close to safe in the ring.

Now that TKO owns WWE and Vince is gone do you think Martha Hart may allow for Owen to be inducted into the HOF?

I can only go by what my gut says and it says I highly doubt that she will ever forgive WWE whether Vince is there or not.

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