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By Dave Scherer on 2024-05-28 10:00:00

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WWE announced King of the Ring winners get Title shots at SummerSlam.  A week later AEW announces Owen Hart winners get Title shots at All In.  So now Tony Khan is just going to copy WWE booking?

Well, I can’t say for sure that Tony copied WWE, though it is a bit suspect.  With that said, I would rather have him copy WWE booking that do what he has been doing.

Was Vader the most wrongly booked big name wrestler ever by the WWF/WWE?

Well, there were others that weren’t used to their potential either, but Vader is a really good example of a talent being wasted by Vince McMahon.

So... what's the deal with Danhausen? Tony Khan signed him, it was popular but suddenly, banished. He is working with GCW, but not with AEW/ROH. What happened?

He is like a lot of talents that Tony signs.  When he loses interest, he pays them to not wrestle for him, or wrestle that much.  With that said, Danhausen is a very niche kind of character and Tony isn’t a great booker, so niche characters are lost in his world.

Do you think is WWE is successfully rebuilding the King of the Ring tournament as a valuable “grand slam” event, similar to how they rebuilt the prestige of the IC and US titles? Or, based on WWE’s past “start & stop” treatment of the KOR tournament, I shouldn’t get my hopes up.

You sent this before the HHH announcement of the winners getting Title shots at SummerSlam.  At the time you wrote it, I would have said yes, I feel that is what they were trying to do. Now that they have made that a Title shot part of the deal for the winner, I absolutely think that is the goal for them, to make the tournament important.

Did I really watch Mariah May smash Leyla Hirsch’s face into her breasts and then do a weird dance on Collision? Why would any woman ever choose to wrestle there?

Yes, you did.  In most cases I would guess it’s because it’s the only option that they have.  I never thought I would see a brumsky in a serious wrestling match.

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