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By Dave Scherer on 2024-05-26 10:00:00

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Whatever happened to MJF's great 2024 bidding war?  It seems like what was once a slam-dunk major angle for AEW has fizzled out without a peep.

Good question.  I don’t have a good answer.  MJF has gone from having a lot of buzz to, well, none.  

Now that they have been employed by WWE for some time, what do you think the chances are that we will see Petey Williams or Abyss work a match in a WWE ring?  

I would say probably not.  They were brought in to work backstage, not in front of the camera.  Williams is pretty small for WWE and Abyss is 50 years old.

And speaking of Petey, do you credit him for inventing the Canadian Destroyer, one of the more popular moves in wrestling today?

I remember seeing Amazing Red do it first, but Williams popularized it.  Personally, I wish it was never invented.  While it might look cool in the moment, it defies all logic and is just too fake to me.

I often see how you mention how much stupidity there is on Twitter these days, and that you've locked your tweets from having everyone able to reply.  Have you considered starting a Threads account?  I know Meta isn't much better of a company, but the experience there is much more pleasant.  Generally people are more respectful, and there's a lot less spam/bots as well.  Also, while not great, Meta's moderation is much better than Twitter.  Just a thought for you to consider.

I think I started one when they debuted but honestly, I am barely on social media anymore so X is the one I am stuck with.  Any time I encounter a booger-eating, incel moron, I just block them and move on.  They live to get a reaction so I won’t give it to them.

So… TNT will be losing all NBA after next season with it moving to NBC. My question is simple - will this be the final death knell to AEW? No new TV deal has been announced, and I don’t see Warner/TNT investing in sports/entertainment without the NBA. What say you?

I can’t say it is, and I can’t say it isn’t.  WBD has licensed some football games from ESPN so it doesn’t appear they will get out of sports without the NBA.  As I have said many times, I hope AEW gets a great new TV deal.  It’s the best thing for the business for them to be strong.

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