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By Mike Johnson on 2024-05-24 13:47:00 sat down with WWE's Drew McIntyre for a deep dive conversation earlier this week.   The 35-minute discussion touched upon a number of topics, including:

Whether he considers himself a WWE locker room leader:

"I think there's a few now more than one specific person. When the guys have been around for a long time, when people go alright, that's the you know the leader there but I was there when Taker was there, it was very clear and didn't have to say a word. Like that's the man right there. Just the way he carried himself and Roman when he was full-time, he had that very similar, you know, just cool, very in control and had wrestled, you know, at the top level for so long, even though I'd been around longer, like that's the guy right there. Now he had that same kind of Taker vibe and now there's a bunch of us. I'd say I'm a quieter leader. Like I don't force my opinion. There's a few guys I'll go directly and say "Hey, you need to do this, this, this" unless it's genuinely terrible and hurting our show I'll 100% say something, but a lot of time they'll come to me and I'm there for anybody that wants my opinion. Somebody that you know, came up through the system, had to get fired to find themselves, has been part of the independent scene, has been part of the growth of social media, being part of the old ways and being part of the new ways. You know, I have some advice to give and you can take it or leave it because in the end, it's going to be what works for you. I take advice all day long from everybody. And the thing I've learned is take what works for me and discard what doesn't.

Advice to WWE talents recently released as someone who made his way back in a far greater role:

"A quote from The Rock's book that I read when I was a kid is that all it takes is all you've got. Like if you're willing to put absolutely everything into this there's so many opportunities now it's not like '14, the scene was coming up, that was part of the growth. There are some established places with a lot of buzz, with a lot of eyeballs and just use that three months. Like someone like Jinder, he's already got a plan in mind, he's already working on his body, was already in crazy shape, is even crazier shape. But more importantly he's thinking of the character stuff, who he wants to be, how he wants to present himself and what's gonna make him different from what people saw in WWE and everybody needs to kind of think the same way. When I was released., everyone told me, just be the 3MB guy, go around with 3MB music. You know the first time you'll make a bunch of money, the second time, 3MB guy will make less, the next time you'll find a way to stick around for years now. So it makes no business sense whatsoever. I want to be exactly who I want to be, what I believe I can be, what I can offer to this industry that makes me different from everybody else? And that just seems like a good business practice to look across the landscape and go, like who am I? What do I do, especially from a character perspective, makes me different than everybody else - figure that out. Figure out what you want to present. Use social media as a tool. Like I'm still...I don't love the negativity on there, but it's very essential. If you're a wrestler. Stay away from the real life stuff, stay away from politics. Just focus on your character building, frame everything the best way you can. If it's a small show, don't use an angle because you did a spot with five people sitting in the crowd. Just think about the angles, present yourself larger than life. Think larger than life and give it everything you've got. And you'll be golden. Like I know this because I've managed to do it a couple of times over."

What was going through his mind when there was a Wrestlemania 37 Rain Delay as he was about to finally wrestle in front of fans for the first time as WWE Champion:

"Every time Drew McIntyre and the World Title WrestleMania seems to bring tragedy to the entire world. I was bringing tragedy to WrestleMania. I was just thinking, "I wish I didn't do my pre-workout." Lashley and I were back there ready to go and we literally said you know what? If we need to start the match back here and fight until you tell us we can fight out to the ring, that's exactly what we will do. Bobby and I were ready to rough each other up for real backstage."

Drew McIntyre's conversation with's Mike Johnson also includes the following topics:

*His new WWE deal.

*Why he placed family first in negotiations.

*Whether there was any point where he believed he would be exiting the company.

*The sacrifices international stars make moving to the United States.

*His evolution as a top villain in WWE.

*The status and true nature of his current elbow injury.

*Whether the injury was a blessing in disguise for the CM Punk storyline.

*Feuding with everyone on Raw.

*His savage social media presence.

*His memoir and whether he'd like to write a second one.

*What he's most proud of accomplishing with his first book.

*Clash at the Castle: Scotland,

*The support he's received from fans over the course of his career.

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Thanks to Billy Krotchsen for the transcription!

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