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By Dave Scherer on 2024-05-21 10:00:00

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I just read Mike's Q&A answer about Dennis Coralluzzo.  He mentioned how Dennis was overly obsessed with ECW's success and how his obsession impaired him from building up his own business.  As soon as I read that it screamed Tony Kahn.  Is Tony the reincarnation of Coralluzzo? 

No, he’s not even close.  There was truly on one Dennis Coralluzzo and he was nothing at all like Tony.  Dennis was a character, flawed as hell and he owned every bit of it.  He and Tony couldn’t be more different.

Why does AEW do title eliminator matches with the champion vs. a challenger ?  Shouldn't it be challenger vs challenger with winner getting a title shot ? Also what's the point of it if the champion always wins ?

I really wish I had a good answer other than, “Tony Khan is a really bad booker” but I don’t.  So, I have to go with that.  I have always thought that the concept was stupid.

Have the legacies of Jack Perry and the Young Buck been sealed, they’ll go down forever as the three guys who got their asses kicked by CM Punk?

I think their legacies have been sealed as three childish men who cost Tony Khan his top draw because of how they interacted with him. They also helped seal at least part of Khan’s legacy because he chose to side with the children even though they cost him his top draw.  It’s truly bizarre to me.  As for the ass kicking part, I didn’t see what happened with Punk and The Bucks but I wouldn’t call what happened at Wembley an ass kicking by any means.

One of the less talked about topics in the CM Punk/Ariel Helwani interview was Punk talking about how adamant Nick Khan was in trying to bring Punk back to WWE, even before Khan worked for WWE.  Punk also admitted he was close to coming back to WWE before 2019.  If CM Punk never had a stint in AEW, do you think we’d still see him come back to WWE around the same time?

I can’t say for sure but it does seem like there was interest from Punk and once Vince McMahon was out of the picture, I think there was a good chance he would have returned to WWE whether he went to AEW or not.

Do you think Tony Khan bought tickets for Smackdown this Friday in Jacksonville and will try to manifest an “AEW Invasion” or do you think WWE probably has a sign with his picture for security saying he can’t enter the arena.

Neither.  For everything Tony has done in the past, I don’t see him ever going THAT far.  That would really be a bad move on his part and I am sure he knows that.  Obviously, it didn’t happen and I don’t think he would ever pull a stunt like that.

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