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By Dave Scherer on 2024-05-20 09:59:00

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So, WWE has the Prime "Hydration Station" ring side now. Yes, it's a big ad for Logan and his business. But is it just a prop for props sake (or plunder for advertising purposes), or is it something that can (or should) be used for its named purpose? Wouldn't the ad be even better for Prime if someone needed to actually get a drink? I'm thinking especially at the Saudi show or this summer outdoors in Cleveland. And how well are the wrestlers hydrating and is there a time during a match when if they needed to get something that they would be able to?

I love that idea.  I think it makes sense to every once in a while have someone actually use it for it’s supposedly intended purpose.

I think I was in the majority of people who liked the set used for Smackdown/Takeover/Raw in Philadelphia, and thought we'd see it more down the line. But we've sort of reverted back to the Tron-style set. Is this just a logistics thing since not every arena has the same set up, and it makes it easier on the crew? (I'm guessing it helps to have a certain amount of area blocked off for pyro purposes, too.)

My understanding is that if they can sell the seats, they will, and there will be a smaller set.  Endeavor is about making every dollar that they can, which is understandable since they spent so much to acquire WWE.

Maybe I'm not remembering it correctly, but wasn't the big deal about winning the King of the Ring tournament that you had won multiple matches in one night? I went back and looked, and I see it hasn't been that in a while, but wouldn't it give the winner more to talk about if they at least had to win a semifinal and final in one night?

Given all of the competitive TV that they produce compared to the mostly squash matches that they did back in the day, I think it makes sense to spread the matches out over time for the sake of content.  I understand why they do it the way that they do.

Y'all have talked about how great Punk-McIntyre has been since they've been kept apart as long as they have. On that same track, how long do you keep Gunther and Dragunov apart to build that match? Wrestlemania? SummerSlam 2025? (I honestly saw some people online complaining that Jey Uso went over in the King of the Ring on Monday night, as if WWE wants to give away Gunther-Dragunov on some random Monday night. Of course, the way I understand things in AEW, Tony Khan would've already had the match because it was a dream match.)

When I saw the bracket, I wondered if they would go to Ilja vs. Gunther.  Selfishly, I wanted to see it since I loved NXT UK.  But I also understand that most people watching Raw didn’t see their feud there so I am with you, let’s build to it.  We know what we will get once it happens, and it will be great.  When they will do it, I can’t say, but we definitely need to build Ilja up with the Raw fan base before it happens.

Jey Uso is single handedly ruining wrestling for me. If he beats Gunter clean I may actually have a break from wrestling. He can't wrestle. He's really really f**king bad. He's far too smug for a babyface too I just want to slap the c***. The f*** is wwe thinking man? I know he sells shirts. But Jesus Christmas. He can't throw a punch. The yeet thing is annoying as piss at some point you need integrity. To kick out of Ilja’s finish to then pop up do an awful looking spear spring to the top rope like nothings happened then win clean is fucking ridiculous. He had the worst match I've seen at mania. Had an awful match with Priest. What the f***?

I hope you feel better now.  You have some really unhealthy rage for poor Jey. I don’t know if he will beat Gunther tonight, but if he does, you probably should take a break. Jey may be ruining wrestling for you, but you are in the minority so you will continued to be annoyed by him going forward.

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