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By Mike Johnson on 2024-05-09 11:23:00

There was an incident last night at the Ring of Honor portion of the AEW Edmonton TV taping last night.

Skye Blue was wrestling Rachael Ellering when a fan in the first row allegedly began making sexually-charged and harassing comments towards Blue.

When Blue and Ellering battled on the floor on the same side of the ring as the fan, the comments continued, which led to Skye telling the fan to "not be such a pervert, a**hole" and then to "f*** off", according to another fan who was sitting nearby.

We are also told that AEW referee Aubrey Edwards called for security to have a word with the fan while Blue and Ellering were battling on the floor.   

The fan, who was accompanied by a young child, was ejected from the arena after security had words with him.  AEW policy, which is played prior to all events, requests that fans do not partake in discriminatory or harassing behavior towards performers or other fans.  

Earlier in the evening, Saraya pointed out several front fans at ringside on camera on Dynamite, saying they were "creeps."  We are told one of those she pointed to would have been the same fan.

We are told AEW officials were praising both Skye and Ellering for keeping the bout together despite the obvious distraction.  One would think AEW's production team will edit around the issues when the bout eventually airs on Ring of Honor on

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