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By Mike Johnson on 2024-05-06 11:00:00

With the announcement of Wrestlemania 41 being held in Las Vegas, we've been asked about future potential Wrestlemania locations.

Prior to Endeavor purchasing the company, WWE had been looking at New Orleans, Las Vegas and Orlando, Florida as the front-runners for future events over the next several years.   That was the original plan when John Saboor had been presiding as WWE's EVP of Special Events.  Saboor exited the company last year and is now working for Full Sail University, returning to his home Florida market.

Minneapolis stepped in and made a major bid, which was looking extremely likely before the Endeavor acquisition, at which point the ownership wanted Las Vegas, feeling it was a more prestigious market, especially given the strong relationship their UFC side has had over the years with Sin City.   

Following the purchase, we are told that Orlando and NOLA are not guaranteed locks going forward. 

Future consideration for Wrestlemania sites will be primarily based on how much money the company can get from rights fees from the markets and governments bidding on the event. 

If London wants a Wrestlemania and is willing to pony up the money, WWE President Nick Khan and his team will be extremely receptive to the idea as their goal is maximize profits in every potential revenue stream.  It's all about what the company can generate financially.  Any old plans and traditions are, as you might imagine, long gone.

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