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By Mike Johnson on 2024-04-09 10:06:00

For the many of you asking about Stephanie McMahon's status with WWE, here is the update:  There is no update.

The former WWE Chairwoman and co-CEO has not officially returned to the company as an employee or executive in any way, shape or form, has heard.

We are told that Stephanie did the opening promo on Wrestlemania 40 Night Two as a surprise to give the audience one more thing they did not expect and to personally lend her support to the company's new era. 

Obviously, her husband (Paul Levesque) is one of the major players in charge, alongside WWE President Nick Khan, so this was seen by those we spoke to as McMahon putting her own personal stamp of approval on what they are doing.  It was not designed to be the beginning of McMahon returning for storylines or behind the scenes duties.   Obviously, she's more than welcome to return down the line, but on Sunday, what we saw was exactly what it was - Stephanie stepping out in front of the Wrestlemania audience and using her goodwill to help the company.

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