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By Mike Johnson on 2024-03-08 21:15:00

TNA Sacrifice tonight at St. Clair College in Windsor, Ontario was sold out tonight.  The company is already looking at booking return dates.

All of Anthem Media's top brass are in attendance.

There were some Scott D'Amore-related signs removed from the crowd.  One fan stated it was multiple signs.  Another stated that a fan was handing out papers that read "We Want Scott" and they were removed.

There are absolutely plans to change AXS TV's name, possibly before the end of March.

There were transmission issues with Sacrifice for the first several matches with some buffering and the transmission being lost during the first few PPV bouts but thankfully that has been rectified.

No out of the ordinary backstage visitors tonight at the show.

Laredo Kid legitimately had travel issues today.

Scott D'Amore, who lives in the area, is not at the show.

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