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By Dave Scherer on 2024-03-07 20:40:00

While we can't confirm the veracity of this story, Tokyo Sports is reporting details of Kazuchika Okada's contract with AEW.  They reported:

According to people close to Okada, this contract significantly overturns conventional wisdom in the Japanese professional wrestling world. The conditions that were set were ``3 years and 2 billion yen.'' This amount shows just how high expectations AEW had for Okada, who were confident in competing with WWE.

They also noted: "All amounts are estimates".

As I type this, that would equate to $13,510,400, or rought $4.5 million a year.  You read that correctly.

As I mentioned above, we can't confirm this report but if it ends up it's true, or even close to being that much money, I just don't even know what to say.  I like Okada, a lot.  But $4.5M a year?  Oh man, that's just ridiculously overpaying.  There is no world that WWE would have offered him anything close to that.

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