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By Mike Johnson on 2024-03-07 16:18:00

Kevin Kelly, who had been with AEW since the launch of Collision in June 2023, is no longer listed on the promotion's website roster.

Over the weekend on his Twitter account, Kelly stated he had been "libeled" by Ian, believed to perhaps be Ian Riccaboni, who had actually suggested Kelly to AEW management, so there's obviously a story there yet to be revealed if that is indeed the case. 

Kelly also stated that that he was "pushed aside" when he asked why he was not being utilized more, describing himself as sitting "on the bench":

Kelly was initially the lead announcer on AEW Collision but Tony Schiavone was later placed into that lead role.  Schiavone, Kelly and Nigel McGuinness had been a three-man team since that point.   

Kelly was not at AEW Revolution over the weekend.  He left New Japan Pro Wrestling in part to join AEW and also due to wanting to spend more time with his wife, who he described on an edition of AEW'S Unrestricted podcast as not "wanting to be alone anymore" after many years of Kelly having to be in Japan for so much of the year.

There are some who believe Kelly has been released from AEW. is working to confirm if that is indeed the case.   AEW is taping Collision tonight, so we will learn soon enough if he is present.  As of this writing, we have not confirmed that Kelly's exit is accurate, but we've received so many questions this afternoon, I wanted to make a note that we are looking into the situation.

Prior to AEW and New Japan, Kelly worked for the WWF and MLW after breaking in working for Eddie Mansfield's IWF in Florida.

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