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By Mike Johnson on 2024-02-27 13:00:00

Nicholas Bollea aka Nick Hogan, the son of WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan had a pre-trial hearing Friday morning 2/23 in Pinellas County Court in Florida.  The hearing was originally slated for 1/17 but had been pushed back.  At the hearing, the defense requested and received a motion to continue the hearing, which will now be held on 4/13.

Bollea was arrested the morning of 11/18/23 at 4 AM in Clearwater, FL. He was returning home from a bikini contest at his father's restaurant.  He refused to submit to a breathalyzer test when he was taken into custody.

The arrest report for Bollea noted that his 2021 Dodge Ram approached a traffic stop that had been set up.  Bollea approached in the median lane and was signaled to pull over by officers.  He did not vacate the lane and did not reduce his speed.  The authorities "clocked" Bollea doing 51 miles per hour in a 40 mph zone.   They proceeded after the truck and pulled Bollea over.  They noted he had the strong "odor of an alcoholic beverage" and was described as having swaying balance, unsteady eyes that were glassy and bloodshot.  It was noted he shows signs of impairment and "performed poorly" on field sobriety tests.

Police bodycam footage has been posted on YouTube.  In the footage, Bollea initially denied even drinking after being pulled over.  When a police officer stated that he could smell alcohol on Bollea, he stated that he had just kissed his girlfriend, who had been drinking.  The footage also showed that his father Hulk Hogan arrived on the soon at some point after Nick was pulled over:


On 12/21/23, Bollea's attorneys filed a motion asking that he be allowed into venues that serve alcohol so that he can perform his occupational duties as a DJ.  The court had ordered him "not to frequent bars, clubs or establishments where alcoholic beverages are primarily served" as a condition of his release, but he is asking that he be allowed to enter them in order to perform.  The court has not yet ruled on the motion.

Bollea has waived his right to a speedy trial. 

The son of WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan, Bollea was seen on the Hogan Knows Best reality series that ran for multiple seasons on VH-1 as well as on WWE and WCW programming from time to time.

A decade ago, Bollea was involved in an incident while driving that left a family friend John Graziano permanently disabled.  When contacted about Bollea's arrest. Graziano's mother told the local ABC affiliate, "I think it's a complete lack of respect for what his reckless driving did to my son.  It shows me how life can go on as if nothing happened for him.  I can only pray that before it's too late, he turns his life around."

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