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By Mike Johnson on 2024-02-23 11:24:00

The NWA announced they will hold a TV taping on Saturday 4/13 in Tampa, Florida with NWA Champion EC3, NWA Women's Champion Kenzie Paige, Max The Impaler, Pretty Empowered, Thrillbilly Silas Mason, Kerry Morton, Alex Taylor, World Tag Team Champions Blunt Force Trauma, The Immortals, Bryan Idol, Natalia Markova, Daisy Kill, Talos, Ruthie Jay and more advertised.

Natalia Markova is now the top contender for the NWA Women's Championship.

Scheduled for this Tuesday's edition of NWA Powerrr on the CW App:

*NWA Women's Tag Team Champions Pretty Empowered, Ella Envy & Kylie Paige vs. The King Bees, Charity King & Danni Bee.

*Alex Misery vs. Magic Jake Dumas.

*Blake Troop vs. Joe Alonzo.

*The Country Gentlemen, KC and AJ Cazana with Joe Cazana vs. Anthony Andrews & Zyon (with Austin Idol)

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