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By Mike Johnson on 2024-02-22 23:01:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of the WWE Elimination Chamber: Perth Media event!

Michael Cole was the host of the event.

They showed the Elimination Chamber competitors arriving.

Byron Saxton pushed that Rhea Ripley was proud to be home.

It's 100 degrees.

Note: It is already Friday in Australia, so when they say tomorrow, they mean Saturday.

During the intro, Michael Cole noted the Chamber was a, "Structure which took over a month to get here. Originally, it was supposed to ship through the Suez Canal, but pirates made sure that didn't happen. So it was sent to Miami. It was then shipped by truck to Los Angeles, put on a ship to Sydney, sent on a train over here to Perth. And now the Elimination Chamber is being constructed as we speak right behind us in the Stadium here in Perth."

Michael Cole and Corey Graves were talking up Rhea when Grayson Waller came out.   He wondered why they were brought there when an Aussie could handle the job.  He said John Cena told him that they needed a Wrestlemania in London.  The crowd chanted Cena sucks and Waller agreed.  He told the fans that if they wanted more major events, they needed to show up and show it.  He said he was giving them the rub and joining the media event. 

Cole said they had another guest and introduced Triple H.  He got a massive response from the fans.  He told the cameras to shoot the crowd and said they were the real stars.  He thanked Tourism Western Australia for bringing them here and for bringing the Chamber and the Road to Wrestlemania here in Perth.  He said all the WWE stars have been enjoying the culture and the land but now it's time to get down to business.

Triple H said Cody Rhodes was still on a flight and hasn't arrived yet, so he asked the crowd to sing Cody's theme song so he could play the video for him later.

Triple H hyped up the Chamber matches as well as Nia Jax vs. Rhea Ripley.

Triple H introduced WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins.  He asked the fans to sing his song.  He said he's been loving it here and asked the audience if they were ready for the Chamber PPV.  He said that he and Cody will be on The Grayon Waller Effect tomorrow.  Some fans yelled for Roman and Seth said he ain't coming but Seth is here.  He said Cody and he will have a few things to say about The Rock and Roman Reigns.  The fans chanted "Rocky sucks."  Seth agreed he does suck. 

Rollins said he's excited for the Elimination Chamber where six competitors will be fighting to take him on at Wrestlemana.  He doesn't know who will emerge victorious but it doesn't matter who wins.  Whoever Seth faces will be flat on their back at Wrestlemania, because he's Seth Rollins.

Corey Graves asked Waller if he was ready for the biggest Grayson Waller Effect of all time.  Waller asked everyone to acknowledge their Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns.

They discussed the Women's Elimination Chamber.

They pushed LA Knight vs. Drew McIntyre for Smackdown tomorrow.

They aired a video feature on WWE stars' visit to Perth this week.  They showed Indi Hartwell and Candice LaRae with the talents, as we reported earlier today in the Elite section.

They aired a "By the Numbers" video on the Elimination Chamber bout.

Kevin Owens came out to address the crowd.  He said when they arrive, they will get to appreciate how massive the structure is.  He said that it will suck to fight in it but asked the fans to appreciate the crew that works to make everything happen behind the scenes.  He said that he's had a great time in Perth but that all ends tomorrow when he enters the structure.  He ran down his opponents until he got to Randy Orton, who came out and joined him on stage.

Orton played to the Australian fans and thanked them for their energy.  He said 22 years ago, his first international WWE tour was to Australia and had a great time.  He said they are one of, if not the best fans, across the entire world.  He said he's been doing this for a minute and tomorrow will be the ninth time in the Elimination Chamber.  He said he feels better now than he has in a decade after back surgery, so tomorrow he's going to win the Chamber match and apologized to Owens.   Owens said he would try to win.  Orton said that after he wins, he wants to go back to Wrestlemania.  He said he's not going to go to Hollywood.  He's going to do stuff like this for people like these fans and tomorrow, he's going to win the Chamber match.  He said he'll then go on to Wrestlemania and beat Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight title.

WWE United States Champion Logan Paul came out on stage.  He commented that he flew 30 hours to get booed.    He said it was WWE's first time going to Perth and he will personally make sure it's the last.  He knocked the city and said he told WWE they had to go to Sydney instead.  He said the top thing to do in Perth is visit an island full of rats, just like the fans here.  He said they were in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the ocean.  He'd rather be in the ocean.  The crowd was all over him.  He said he was the only champion competing and was the youngest by a decade.  He told Owens and Orton they were old man.  Owens told Orton that when he was out injured, Logan weaseled his way into the industry and now they have to deal with him every week.  Logan tried to offer him a Prime drink but Owens slapped it away.  They got in each other's faces and were pulled apart.

They aired a video package on Becky Lynch.

Bianca Belair was brought to the stage.  She said it was her first time being here and she's fallen in love with Perth.  She said they were some of the most passionate fans in the world.  Tomorrow, she steps into the ring against five amazing women at Elimination Chamber.  She put herself over and said she was going back to Wrestlemania to continue her undefeated streak.    She ran down her opponents.  When she got to Tiffany Stratton, the fans chanted for "Tiffy Time."

Tiffany Stratton came out and told Belair she was boring and no one cared what she had to say.  Tiffany said the only good thing about Australia was that after she won, she would get to leave.  Becky Lynch came out and called her a dope.    She said the people here were amazing.  The food and weather has been amazing.  She said she was here for a Big Time.  Stratton said it wasn't going to be big time, but Tiffy Time and stormed off.  Becky said she loves and respect Bianca but the last time they wrestled, she took the title from Becky.  She's not going to take the Chamber from her and she's going to be locked in with "The Man."  Bianca said they've been friends and enemies but tomorrow, they will be competitors and Becky is in her way to getting Wrestlemania.  They faced off.

They aired a video package on Liv Morgan, Shayna Baszler and Kevin Owens touring one of the Islands off Perth.

They ran down the lineup for the PPV.

They aired a Nia Jax vs. Rhea Ripley video package.

Nia Jax came out on stage and was booed.  She noted she was born in Sydney.  Coming back, she was grateful her parents left to raise her in the United States.  She was going to keep knocking Australia but Rhea came out.  Huge "Mami" chants.  She said Australia was happy her family moved her far away because Australia doesn't claim her.  She said that it feels so good to come home and be in front of all her country folk.  The fans chanted for her.  She said they were going to make her emotional but she's supposed to be the Eradictor.  She said it's the first time she's been back to compete here in seven years.  The fans chanted, "We love Rhea" and she told them she loves them too.  She's so happy to bring Elimination Chamber here as they are putting Australia on the map for WWE.

Ripley said as much as she loves all of this, she has a big problem.  Ever since Nia Jax came back, she's laid out everyone in the women's division, so there are her flowers.  She told Jax she's doing great.  The crowd chanted "Nia sucks" and Rhea agreed.  She said that she put Mami down a few times, but she's been attacking her from behind, so Rhea doesn't think she's ready.  When she steps into the ring tomorrow, she's facing Rhea and the rest of Australia.

Jax said she's going to squash Rhea in front of her mother and hopes her mother is sitting in the front row.  She said she wanted a preview of tomorrow.  Rhea said she would give her a preview and splashed her with a drink.   HHH walked Nia off.  Rhea played up to the cowd to end it.  

Waller and Rhea closed out drinking out of their shoes, dedicating it to Australia.



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