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By Mike Johnson on 2024-02-22 22:00:00

Welcome to the TNA Impact on AXS TV report!

It's the last stop before tomorrow's No Surrender PPV in New Orleans!

We are in Orlando, Florida!

Our announcers are Tom Hanifan and Matt Rehwoldt!

X-Division Champion Chris Sabin vs. The Good Hands' Jason Hotch (with John Skyler)

Some very goo back and forth action early on.  Hotch is very underrated for his work in the ring and Sabin is damn great. as always.  Hotch worked over Sabin for some time. Sabin made a comeback with a nice spinning DDT.  Hotch cut him off and nailed a Chaos Theory for a two count.  The crowd was all over The Good Hands when they cheated.  Hotch went for a dive but Sabin moved and Skyler was taken out by accident.  Sabin hit a missile dropkick and nailed Cradleshock for the pin.

Your winner, Chris Sabin!

Very good match.

They aired the latest Mustafa Ali propaganda video, where he promised to become the X-Division title tomorrow.  Very good presentation.

Backstage, The System promised to win the six man tag team match.  Santino Marella told them it would be a No DQ match, but if anyone interfered, the match would be thrown out and they'd lose.  Uh, that's not a No DQ match.

Backstage, Chris Sabin cut a promo and said that he was going to show Mustafa Ali why he was a ten-time champion.

Simon Gotch vs. Jack Price

Josh Alexander was doing commentary.

Gotch worked over Price with uppercuts and nailed a nice dropkick.  He locked in a choke after a piledriver.

Your winner, Simon Gotch!

Backstage, The Grizzled Young Veterans promise they were going to take what they needed, the TNA Tag Team Titles.

They aired a video on Big Kon.

Trent Seven (with Mike Bailey) vs. Steve Maclin (with The Rascalz)

Maclin was all over Seven, hitting him with some intense strikes and moves.  He looked really good.  Seven came back with a springboard leg drop off the ropes and hit a high cross bodyblock.  Maclin drove a knee into Seven's face and nailed a clothesline.  He chopped away at Seven.  After a suplex, Seven began to mount a comeback with chops.  Maclin fired back and cut off Seven.  He kept beating him down.  Seven hit a crossbody and a leg drop after bouncing off the ropes. Maclin hit a knee to the face of Seven and followed up with a clotheslines.  Seven was tossed to the floor, where he was mauled by The Rascalz.  He tried to fight back but was sent into the ring post.    They battled back and forth.  Bailey stopped the Rascalz from interfering by hitting a moonsault.  Seven made a comeback and nailed his lariat but was distracted by the fight outside.  Maclin speared him and nailed the KIA, scoring the pin.

Your winner, Steve Maclin!

Gisele Shaw said her entourage is gone and she would win the X-i title tomorrow.  Gail Kim told her she needed more humility but fighting on her own was an improvement.

Trent Seven and Mike Bailey challenged The Rascalz to face them.

Kazaran came out and said he wasn't in the mood to fight, but he had someone from Eric Young's past to do it instead.  Out came Big Damo, who teamed with Young in Sanity in WWE NXT.

Eric Young vs. Big Damo

Damo now has a shaved head, so he looks very different.  He worked over Young for quite awhile early on, hitting his signature spots.  Young ducked a lariat and rebounded off the ropes with a leaping forearm.  He nailed a DVDR for a two count.  Damo went to the top but was cut off and nailed with a superkick.  Young nailed a forward piledriver for the pin.

Your winner, Eric Young!

Young challenged Kazarian to come tomorrow to No Surrender.

Tasha Steelz announced she and Xia Brookside would have a match next week.

Ash by Elegance vs. Savanah Thorne

This was Ash's official in-ring debut.  She conquered Thorne quickly and scored the pin with a swanton bomb.

Your winner, Ash by Elegance!

They pushed tomorrow's PPV.

The System vs. The Time-Splitters & Kevin Knight

Moose and Alex Shelley battled back and forth at the onset.  Shelley went for the Border City Stretch but Moose grabbed to the ropes.  Moose missed a charge and hit the ring post with his shoulder.  Shelley began focusing his attacks there.  Kevin Knight tagged in and controlled Brian Myers and then Eddie Edwards.  Team Shelley maintained control.

Edwards cut off KUSHIDA and he was worked over for a long time until he fought to make a tag, only to find Shelley and Knight were pulled off the apron.    KUSHIDA finally mad the hot tag to Shelley, who cleaned house and locked the Border City Stretch on Myers.  Alisha Edwards distracted the referee so he didn't catch the submission.  Moose broke up the move and knocked Shelley to the floor.

They went into a flurry of fast paced sequences and near falls until Moose speared Knight and scored the pin.

Your winners, The System!

The brawl continued.  Shelley locked the Border City Stretch on Moose but the other members of The System pulled him from the ring.


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