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By Dave Scherer, Mike Johnson & Richard Trionfo on 2024-02-22 20:55:00

WWE will present Elimination Chamber from Perth, Australia this Saturday.  Here are our takes on what will happen.

Bobby Lashley vs. Randy Orton vs. LA Knight vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Logan Paul vs. Kevin Owens in an Elimination Chamber Match to Determine Seth Rollins' opponent at Wrestlemania

Dave: While part of me thinks it would make sense for a Smackdown guy to win to face a Raw guy since it's the other way around in the other Title match, I want to see Drew get the win here and take on Seth.  I don't want the awkwardness of a face vs. face match so that leaves Drew or Paul.  I would go with Drew.  But the greatness here is that any of these guys could win and it would be a legit Mania title match.  That's great booking for you.

Mike: Had CM Punk not gotten injured at the Rumble, the plan was for him to win the Chamber match and go after Seth.  Now, we have a wide open field where you could argue just about anyone here would deserve the win.  To me, this is the biggest thing Logan Paul has done in WWE to date and I expect he's going to take all sorts of insane bumps.  Kevin Owens the brawler is perfect for this.  LA Knight has been on the cusp.  Everyone loves Orton, but to me, Drew McIntyre has the most momentum and if WWE is serious about locking him in, having him in a Wrestlemania main event bout against Seth sure sounds like a great way to woo him to lock in a new deal.  I expect this to be nothing short of excellent.

Rich:  Six of the top talents in WWE populate this match.  With the history between Logan and Seth, it would be a longshot in my opinion for him to win the match, but I can see him doing something crazy off the top of one of the pods.  Maybe he starts the match wtih Kevin Owens and that will allow Kevin to get some revenge for what Logan did to him when Kevin challenged for the US Title.  Lashley feels like a long shot because of his feud with the Final Testament.  Orton doesn't need a title but Seth and Randy would be a good match for Mania.  Knight will probably be the fan favorite but I don't see him winning the match, but he will have a solid performance before being eliminated.  Drew McIntyre has been one of the best characters in the WWE over the last few months and I love the 'heel who tells the truth, while being a bit delusional' character.  Give me Drew and Seth at Mania, and I will be a happy person.  While I say that the winner faces Seth at Wrestlemania, see below for a potential monkey wrench.  

Bianca Belair vs. Raquel Rodriguez vs. Liv Morgan vs. Tiffany Stratton vs. Becky Lynch vs. Naomi in an Elimination Chamber Match to Determine the Opponent for the Raw Women's Champion at Wrestlemania

Dave: They have had Becky lose some lately which sometimes means she will get the win here.  I could make a case for all of the women but I would go with Becky.  Then I would have Rhea wrestle her straight up and keep her turning face.  Rhea is a megastar.

Mike: To me, the primary favorites have to be Becky, Bianca and Liv Morgan.  My gut is Tiffany Stratton is here to hit a bunch of big spots to dazzle and showcase she's the next big thing for the company, but she's not winning.  Naomi would be a nice choice but my guess is Liv or Becky winning.  They have teased Becky vs. Rhea quite a bit, so I'm leaning towards Becky, but would not shocked to see Liv get the victory.

Rich:  The return of Raquel Rodriguez is a good addition to this match as the final entrant on Monday night.  The top options in this match are Bianca and Becky since they both have stories to deal with related to either Rhea or Wrestlemania.  Liv is the outside option to 'finish her story' with Rhea after her injury.  Naomi, after a solid performance at Royal Rumble, gets another major spot on a PPV.  Tiffany is the wild card and I think this is a match where a strong performance is the most important thing.   If she can hold her own against five top opponents, it will lead to good things going forward.  I would like to see Bianca and Becky start off the match.  I also see them being the last two in the match with Becky getting the win after countering KOD into a Manhandle Slam.

Raw Women's Champion Rhea Ripley vs. Nia Jax

Dave: Jax has been really good since her return and I had no issue with her wiping out the field on Monday.....provided Rhea gets the win here, which she should.

Mike: This, to me, is going to be more about the moment of Rhea coming out as the star in her home country.  After everything she and her family endured during the pandemic, being cut off from each other, it's something they have earned and I hope they enjoy it.  To me, the match should be Hogan vs. Andre - Jax showing her power and Rhea making the big comeback to take her out with a decisive victory.

Rich:  I don't see Rhea losing the title but at least Raquel Rodriguez mentioned that there is a chance that Nia could win during the Promopalooza segment on Raw.  Nia has been dominant over the last few weeks, but I think Rhea being in her native country in front of family will be the intangible that secures the victory for Rhea.  Nia will scare the crowd a few times by coming close but she will fall victim to RipTide.

WWE Tag Team Champions The Judgment Day vs. Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate

Dave: The only way I see a Title change is if the briefcase will come into play soon.  Otherwise, the champs retain.  This should be really good, especially now that Pete is back to being Pete.

Mike: I don't see a championship change here but they will probably have a hell of a match.

Rich:  This should be a good match, but it feels like the result is a foregone conclusion with so many teams wanting a piece of THE Judgment Day, starting with R Truth and Miz.  The return of British Strong Style as a team has been a good addition to Smackdown.  I hope we don't get any interference from JD or Dom in this match.  For some reason, I don't think this match is the highlight of the night for Damian Priest (see below).  Bate and Dunne will have a few chances, but in the end, the champs retain.

The Grayson Waller Effect featuring Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes

Dave: This should be fun....real fun.

Mike: I predict Waller eating a lot of finishers.

Rich:  It is nice that someone in the main event of Wrestlemania shows up in Australia.  We saw Paul Heyman talking to Grayson Waller, so maybe Paul has contacted some local people to get involved in this segment to send a message to Cody and Seth.  My money is on Yahoo Serious and Jacko.  If it is not them, I do see someone getting involved (maybe JD and Dom [remember that time THE Judgment Day and Bloodline were kind of affiliated together?]).  I see the beat down being significant enough that we see Damian Priest make a second appearance on the show with the briefcase and a referee.  Priest successfully cashes in the briefcase and becomes the new Raw Champion.

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