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By Kendall Jenkins on 2024-02-22 07:23:00

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Procrastination is more common in students than one realizes. The habit of unnecessarily delaying actions often causes unwanted stress, missed opportunities, reduced well-being, and other concerns. Several candidates make up their minds to pull an all-nighter for their pending assignments (including yourself). However, when you sit down (with the TV playing in the background), you find those preposterous late-night commercials or soap operas too captivating to skip. Hence, you decide to finish watching them before you begin writing. Eventually, by that time, it's too late, and your eyes and head want nothing else but to hit the sack and call it a night. The situation does seem familiar, doesn't it? For many, it's like a typical weeknight, and strangely, they keep finding and indulging something or the other that causes further work delays. Right up till when students realize there's little time left for submission, they get down to writing the assignment in haste and resultantly fail to meet the professor's required expectations.

Furthermore, the Psychology Today Report points out that procrastination is one of the chief causes of reduced grades in many pupils. Regardless of whether the cause of delay is 'Netflixing,' napping, cleaning, or lack of interest in the subject itself, you must look to overcome this habit and manage time wisely for doing homework properly. Of course, old habits die hard, and that makes overcoming procrastination more difficult than one expects. Some pupils opt for the easier option- hiring an assignment expert online and requesting them to 'do my homework for me.' The decision proves beneficial. Top-rated assignment writing websites (like and similar) have exceptional writers for 100+ subjects to help students. They accept orders 24/7.

So, those who struggle to finish their homework on time can Visit at Myassignmenthelp, fill up the order form, and secure a writer to guide and mentor them for their pending task. If you succumb to procrastination, you can use the option too to finish homework quickly and make it submission ready before the due date. 

Now that you have a last-minute reliable option to turn to during emergencies let's focus on the primary issue at hand – OVERCOMING PROCRASTINATION so you can finish your homework without needing help from online experts! Below are some practical tips to follow!

Admit You Procrastinate and Figure Out The Main Cause 

The foremost step to overcoming this habit is admitting you have this issue. Once you admit that you're deliberately delaying things when you aren't supposed to, you take the first step to rectifying the problem. 

The next step is figuring out the chief cause of your procrastination. The reasons could be plenty: lack of subject interest, fear of failing, or even due to some psychological reasons like –

  • Low self-esteem

  • Overwhelming anxiety

  • Lack of support structure

  • Inability to self-motivate

  • Or some other emotional turmoil.

Some field experts also explain procrastination could result due to rumination -fixating on negative thoughts and allowing them to control you (when it should be it the opposite)! Once you determine the cause(s) of your procrastination, it is possible to diagnose it over time. The key to it is developing an optimistic mindset and establishing your daily study goals and productivity benchmarks. Let's emphasize more on this in the next point.

Establishing a Realistic Study Plan and Daily Work Target

We pointed out above that reasons like inability to self-motivate, low self-esteem, and emotional turmoil are key causes of procrastination. Well, good news: There is a surefire way to get into the right mindset. Give yourself some meaningful purpose or goal, or set a daily target to accomplish. Working on pending homework is as good as any. So, look to establish a realistic study goal and daily work target. 

Take for Instance:

You typically study for 3-4 hours every day. So, how about dividing the study time into two sessions? One for studying your course lessons. The other, for working the ignored homework paper. Next, you assess the amount of work to be done and divide them into manageable parts. 

So, if the paper is 4000 words and due in 4 days, set a goal of writing 1800-2000 words per day for 2 days. Reserve the 3rd day for editing, proofreading, checking for plagiarism, correcting citations and references, and adding the finishing touches.

Once finished, you can also use the remaining time to request someone trustworthy to review your final work and suggest honest feedback and improvement suggestions. Refer to the shared feedback and make changes whenever applicable.

Creating a solid study goal and daily work target helps reduce the workload and prevents you from procrastinating. With a sense of purpose and target, you will have reason to motivate yourself and maintain the positive working momentum to finish the pending work appropriately before schedule. So, try this technique out. It's simple and has yielded success for several who similarly have suffered from this ill-habit. 

However, your study location also plays a crucial role in sustaining your productivity and working momentum. Find out more on that below.

Find A Suitable Study Location

It may be tempting to curl up in bed under a cozy blanket with your laptop and do your homework while watching Stranger Things. Nevertheless don't do it. It's not the right spot for working on your assignment. Instead, you must find a suitable study spot with proper lighting, a neat surface, and plenty of space to spread out all useful writing materials and your laptop. You can also name-tag the spot, like no napping or watching shows. With time, your mind will catch on and adjust whenever you sit down at that spot to focus on what’s important – like your assigned homework!

If you have a good spot in your room, make the arrangements. Clear out the clutter, add proper lighting and motivational wallpapers, and keep all resources, like lecture notes, textbooks, dictionaries, marker pens, etc., at arm's reach. Then, sit down and focus only on one thing – doing your homework properly according to your set daily target. You will realize how much of a difference having a quality study spot makes in eliminating procrastination and augmenting your productivity. 

Keep Distractions at Bay

Distractions hamper productivity in more ways than one. All it takes is one notification from a close mate, girlfriend, or sibling to disrupt a long and productive study session. So, once you've figured out a proper study spot, remove all distractions. Keep your phone silent, turn off laptop notifications, and even shut the window to keep the outside noise from reaching in. 

If it suits you, turn on some soft classical music or white noise to filter out the distractions and sustain focus for long periods. Additionally, you must also inform your parents or siblings not to disturb you during your study period. If you have a pet, hand it over to your sibling or parent temporarily till you're done. While pets are cute and lovely to play with, their presence during your study session will only distract you and cause more unwanted delays.

Set A Reward System and Be Accountable When You Can't Reach the Daily Target

If procrastination has been a long-standing habit, it will take some time to overcome it. Proper discipline and self-control are necessary to overcome this habit. Moreover, it requires you to motivate yourself constantly to finish an important task before schedule. Setting a reward system works well for such situations.

When you finish a broken-down homework section ahead of schedule, treat yourself to something you enjoy. For example, you could get some ice cream, take a power nap, or go for a walk with your pet. However, when the opposite happens, you must also accept accountability and remind yourself to do better next time. 

By training your brain with such healthy habits and a positive mindset, you will become less prone to procrastination. If anything, you would want to prove yourself right and work harder the next day to succeed where you failed previously. 

Partage in Group Studies 

Some students lack the will and determination to study/do homework alone. Despite their efforts, they can't get into that positive and productive mindset. Eventually, they lose whatever motivation they manage to churn out and succumb to negative feelings and procrastination. 

If you're one of the same, then it's time to change tactics. Collaborate with some of your classroom mates and arrange for group study sessions. Knowing that you have to pull your weight when partaking in group studies will help flush out all negative feelings and make you more proactive. 

Partaking in group learning sessions creates a sense of responsibility towards yourself the group. It creates the right amount of work pressure that compels you to get serious and work on the pending task with purpose and conviction. Moreover, group studies always make things interesting. You can exchange knowledge on the homework topic and discuss ideas and strategies to implement in the paper. Eventually, your activeness and accountability towards the group and your pending task will make you finish it correctly before the specified due date.




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