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By Kendall Jenkins on 2024-02-21 08:24:00

Wrestling is a sport that involves grappling with an opponent. It also involves striving to obtain a position of advantage through different techniques or throws. Wrestling also involves different grappling types of techniques such as takedowns, joint locks, pins, and grappling holds.  Some common types of wrestling are Freestyle, Glima, and Forkstyle. This article will explain in detail these types of wrestling. 


To begin with, Freestyle wrestling is a common type of wrestling. It is practised throughout the world. Freestyle is one of two wrestling styles featured in the Olympic Games. In this form of wrestling, the final objective is to throw and pin an opponent to the mat. This results in an immediate victory. One characteristic of freestyle wrestling is the use of a wrestler’s legs in defence and offence, bringing together concepts from traditional wrestling which are sambo, judo, and many others. This form of wrestling is one of the six main variations of amateur wrestling competitions practised in the whole world.Did you know at casino you can bet on wrestling instead of playing casino games Australia all the time.


Another type of wrestling is Glima. Glima is a national sport of Iceland, a nation known for its naturally strong men. It originally began in Norway. It traces its history as far back as the time of the Norse and Vikings. Glima has three distinct features the Hryggtök, known as the Backhold Grip, and the Brokartök, known as the pant-and-belt grip Brkartok features a leather contraption around the thighs and waist. The Lausatök is also known as the Free Grip. It is the most popular form of Glima, and participants can use a wide variety of holds. Glima can be practised both outdoors and indoors. It was traditionally trained as a form of combat. Glima has a heavy emphasis placed on technique rather than brute force or strength.


Additionally, another type of wrestling is folkstyle. It is mainly practised in high school and collegiate completion. It is known as the more traditional style of wrestling in the United States. It is similar to freestyle wrestling. There are general rules to folkstyle wrestling that differ from freestyle and Geco-Roman. These are to pin your opponent you must hold them on their back for two seconds, when attempting a pin a wrestler is allowed to lock their hands. A wrestler can be locked at a point for fleeing during the match if they have already been warned. Additionally, the difference between folkstyle and freestyle wrestling is that in folkstyle, moves are allowed from the bottom position. Did you know at you can bet on wrestling and other sports.

Positions of Folkstyle Wrestling

Offensive Position 

It is considered the best position in folkstyle wrestling. The position is achieved when the wrestler is on top or behind his opponent and has control of them. The goal of the offensive wrestler is to turn their opponent back towards the mat at a 45-degree angle.

Defensive Position

Additionally, this is the opposite position of the offensive position. It is considered the worst position to be in. In this position, the goal is to either escape or score a reversal.


In conclusion, there are different types of wrestling. Some of them are Freestyle, Glima, and Folkstyle wrestling. 




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