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By Kendall Jenkins on 2024-02-21 08:23:00

Wrestling is an exciting and dynamic sport that has developed over the ages, resulting in a variety of styles that highlight distinct tactics, approaches, and cultural influences. The goal of wrestling, a contemporary combat sport, is to pin your opponent to the mat to win the bout. Techniques used in wrestling include clinch fights, throws and takedowns, joint locks, pins, and other grappling holds. Every type of wrestling has its distinct flavour on the mat, from the technical skill of Greco-Roman wrestling to the breathtaking acrobatics of Lucha Libre. The article will delve into diverse styles of wrestling and how people get to play the sport.Did you know at online pokies Australia casino you can best on wrestling 

Greco-Roman Wrestling 

With roots in classical Greece and Rome, Greco-Roman wrestling is among the most traditional and ancient wrestling techniques. Leg attacks are prohibited and upper body holds and throws are prioritized. This style of wrestling depends on the combination of strength, technique, and strategy to subdue their opponents. Greco-Roman wrestling is a favourite in Olympic tournaments because of its tremendous physicality and methodical approach.

Freestyle Wrestling 

Olympic sports freestyle wrestling enables wrestlers to perform grips and takedowns using both the upper and lower body. Leg assaults are allowed in freestyle wrestling, unlike in Greco-Roman wrestling, which gives the sport more movement. To outmanoeuvre their opponents, wrestlers that use this style frequently use rapid movements, agility, and explosive force. High-scoring matches and fast-paced action are hallmarks of freestyle wrestling.

Folkstyle Wrestling 

The majority of folkstyle wrestling matches take place in the United States, where it is often referred to as collegiate wrestling. While it has its own distinct rules and scoring system, it incorporates aspects of both freestyle wrestling and Greco-Roman wrestling. Ground wrestling and pinning techniques are heavily emphasized in folkstyle wrestling. This style of wrestling emphasizes control and point scoring via reversals, escapes, and takedowns.

Lucha Libre 

Lucha Libre, a Mexican wrestling style, is known for its colourful personalities and breathtaking feats that captivate spectators. The luchadores, or wrestlers are noted for their defying gravity maneuvers like flips, us real money online casino dives, and aerial assaults. With their colourful masks and dramatic conflicts, luchadors frequently combine aspects of theatre and narrative into their approach. Lucha Libre is a popular sport among followers all over the world because it combines a distinctive type of athleticism, showmanship, and entertainment.


The world of wrestling is made up of many different styles, each having a unique history and set of distinguishing traits. These styles offer a variety of experiences for both competitors and viewers, from the technical tact of Greco-Roman wrestling to the high-flying spectacle of Lucha Libre. Wrestling styles continue to captivate and inspire audiences worldwide, regardless of whether you value the power and strategy or the athleticism and theatrics.



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