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By Cory Strode on 2024-02-21 09:37:00

WOW - Women of Wrestling

Season 4 Episode 223: Put Me In, Coach

Coach Campanelli comes to the ring with Team Spirit and she lets us know that Ariel Sky can not continue to compete until she is healed for the injury in the ring last week, so Coach Campanelli says she will be taking her place with Pep Reilly and Sasha Sparks as Team Spirit in the Trios tournament. 

La Bandidas (Sylvia Sanchez and Vivian Rivera) and Tormenta w/Sophia Lopez vs Exile (Genesis, Exodus, and Ice Cold) in a Trios tournament match

Genesis and Sanchez start with slaps and then after a slam in the corner, Rivera tags in and gets a sliding clothesline for two. Genesis gets a spinning kick and tags in Exodus and then hits a double team kick for two. Rivera gets a rollup for two and then her team works her over with quick tags. 

Rivera is able to break away and tags in Tormenta, who tries for a power bomb on Ice Cold, and when Ice Cold escapes, Tormenta nails her with a clothesline for two. Ice Cold trips Tormenta, and tags in Genesis who gets a leg drop. Tormenta tags in Sanchez and all three members of their team get in the ring and are whipped into Genesis in the corner. As Sanchez distracts the ref, both Exodus and Ice Cold are slammed into Genesis as well.

Tormenta’s team pins all of Exodus for a two count. Rivera gets a swinging neckbreaker on Genesis for two as Exodus breaks up the pin. All three members of Tormenta’s team attack Genesis and Rivera gets a TKO cutter for two, broken up by Ice Cold. Genesis is able to get a sunset flip on Rivera for the pin and the win.

Winners: The Exiles

Genesis says they are ready to take on any opponents.

GI Jane says that she followed Samantha Smart for too long, and while Smart’s team double-crossed her, it’s time for her to stand on her own two feet.

Chainsaw w/Angelica Dante vs GI Jane

Since I last covered WOW, GI Jane has turned babyface, so this is her first match in that role.

They charge at each other and lock up twice with no one getting an advantage. Jane lays in a clothesline to no effect and then drives Chainsaw into the ropes. Jane whips Chainsaw to the corner. Chainsaw dodges a charge and shoves Jane into the corner and starts her attack. Chainsaw tosses Jane across the ring and then grabs a rear chinlock. Jane is able to escape and lays in kicks. She covers Chainsaw for one, and misses a senton.

Chainsaw grabs Jane and chokes her. Jane fights free and hits a face buster. Jane goes to the second turnbuckle. Chainsaw grabs her and they fight in the corner. Jane gets a DDT from the second turnbuckle for the pin and the win.

Winner: GI Jane

The Classmaster, Disciplinarian and Samantha Smart attack Jane after the match and referees break it up and force them out of the ring.

Adriana Gambino bumps into Princess Aussie and they have words.  Gambino says she wouldn't have lost the title like Aussie did because she’s undefeated. Aussie says we’ll see about that next week IN THE RING. 

Jessie Jones w/Amber O’Neal vs Santana Garrett w/Americana

Garrett gets a rollup to start for two. Garrett gets a crucifix pin for two and then a roll up for two. Jones gets a strike to the neck  and then distracts the ref so that O’Neal can trip Garrett. Jones then drops knees on Garrett’s arm, and then locks in an arm bar. Garrett rolls the arm bar for a pin for two. 

Jones whips Garrett into the corner and follows with an elbow, mocking Garrett between blows. The ref pulls her off and as Jones is arguing with the ref, O’Neal chokes Garrett. Americana gets on the apron to point out the cheating, which never EVER works. Jones covers Garrett for two. Jones gets a reverse butterfly stretch, and when Garrett is able to get to her feet, Jones pulls the hair to drop her to the mat. 

Jones works Garrett over in the corner and tries for a suplex, but Garrett blocks it. Garrett rolls Jones up as O’Neal gets on the apron to distract the ref.  Garrett gives up the hold to get the ref, and Jones charges at her. Garrett gets out of the way and Jones stops short of running into O’Neal on the apron. Jones eats a boot and Garrett gets a slingshot lariat on Jones. She then hits a handspring elbow in the corner. Garrett gets a suplex and then flips into a rear chinlock stretch. 

Jones breaks free by raking the eyes. They struggle in the corner and O’Neal attacks Americana.  When Garrett goes to check, Jones rolls her up for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jessie Jones

We get video from last week of the Mother Truckers demanding a match with Vickie Lynn McCoy from David by waiting for him in the bathroom. He says he’ll give them the match if they get out of the bathroom!

Lana Starr, Miami Sweet Heat, Vickie Lynn McCoy, and Penelope Pink some to the ring and McCoy is wearing a neck brace. She puts Miami Sweet Heat over as the best team and says they got the match because you can’t deny greatness.

It’s time for the main event!

The Tonga Twins (Kaoz and Kona) WOW Tag Team Champions vs Miami Sweet Heat (Lindsey and Laurie Carlson)

Penelope Pink and Vickie Lynn McCoy join commentary.

Lindsey charges at Kona and hits a poor Thesz press.  Kona takes control quickly and hits a short arm clothesline. They trade kicks and blows and Kona takes down Lindsey. Kona hits a splash in the corner and Kaoz tags in and the double team Lindsey with Kaoz covering for two. Kaoz hits a scoop and a slam. Kaoz picks her up again, slowly spins around and slams again. Kaos whips Lindsey to the corner and runs into a big boot. Lindsey tries to pull a low bridge on Kaoz, who stops in time, so Lindsey drops to the mat and trips her.

Laurie comes in for a leg drop and Lindsey pulls Kaos down by her hair. Kaoz is brought to Sweet Heat’s corner and while they work her off with quick tags, Lana Starr pulls Kaoz to the floor where Sweet Heat keeps working her over. They return her to the ring and the beat down continues. Kaos is able to hit a spear and she and Linsey struggle to their corners. Laurie tags in first and Kona tags in second and runs wild. 

Kona gets a splash off the top for two, broken up by Laurie. All four women are in the ring, and as Lindsey goes out of the ring with Kaos, Lana slides the belt into the ring for Laurie, but the ref sees it. Lindsey is given the other belt and gets on the apron. As the ref takes the belt from Laurie, Lindsey nails Kona in the back with the other belt and Laurie gets a DDT for the pin and the win.

Winners and NEW WOW Tag Team Champions: Miami Sweet Heat. 

Lana Starr and the Fabulous Four celebrate in the ring. 

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