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By Mike Johnson on 2023-12-16 10:33:00

Regarding several questions readers have sent regarding Liv Morgan's arrest:

*In speaking to WWE sources this morning, while Morgan's arrest was not widely known within WWE before it became public, we are told several top executives were aware and had spoken with Morgan the day after the arrest, but had kept the information within a small circle.

*We are told that Morgan had already been penciled in as to when she would be returning to company storylines in 2024 and currently, this is not believed to change those plans.  The belief was she would be back in by the build to Wrestlemania and was very much in the mix for what we are told is a "a high profile program."

*We are told that internally within the company, the arrest does not currently appear to have hurt her standing.  Morgan's always been well liked and considered a hard worker and we are told by sources that while they obviously want the situation to be resolved ASAP, it's not an issue that's currently going to put her in danger of being released.  As several have pointed out to, there have been talents with DUI arrests that have remained with the company, and Morgan was not charged with anything as serious criminally as a DUI.

*One story making the way in the company is that the vape pen, which allegedly contained a synthetic substance that Morgan was charged with possession of, actually belonged to someone else but had been left in her jeep.  We are told WWE is waiting for the legal process to play out.  Morgan is slated to be officially arraigned in February in Sumter County, Florida.

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