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By Mike Johnson on 2023-11-26 02:20:00

We are told by one WWE source that CM Punk is expected at Raw in Nashville this Monday.

Punk was not backstage during the Survivor Series PPV until shortly before he was to come out for his post-main event cameo.  When Punk was brought into the building, the company secured an area for him and had everyone nearby move elsewhere in order to protect the surprise.

We are told that what Triple H said during the post-PPV media call was correct, that he and Nick Khan were the point people involved in bringing Punk back into the company and that literally no one else in the creative and production side of the company were made aware until during the PPV.  We are told a small select group at that point were aware and that most talents were not made aware until moments before the bout, although it believed at least a few were clued in privately before that.

The WWE conversations, as reported late last night, began less than a week ago.  Until that point, Impact Wrestling had made a major money offer to Punk which we are told he was mulling over.  In speaking to Impact sources after Punk's WWE return, we are told that Punk was "amazing" in his dealings with top Impact execs, including Scott D'Amore and Lou D'Angeli, during discussions.  Impact sources felt they were very close to scoring Punk and at one point, hoped he would even be at Bound for Glory as part of the unveiling of the return of TNA, which did not happen.  The conversations between the two sides continued after that PPV.  In speaking to Impact sources, while the company had hoped Punk would come in there full-time, they realized the reality of the situation involving WWE and how much money could be made and were happy for Punk.  We also heard from several Impact talents overnight who said they were appreciative of the time and advice Punk had spent with them at several tapings in Chicago when he visited.

At no point was CM Punk going back to AEW nor was he ever scheduled to be the reveal for The Devil the company keeps teasing in their MJF storylines.

For those who have asked this, it's entirely possible the Seth Rollins stuff was a work. 

We are told that the Drew McIntyre situation (if even related to Punk) was not a work in that there was no one filming Drew backstage while Rollins was obviously out in front of a live crowd with WWE cameras and lots of fans with their phones.

It is being repeated elsewhere that reported Punk signed a three-year deal.  We never reported that number, so if you see it anywhere, it's absolutely incorrect and being attributed to PWInisider for the usual stupid reasons.

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