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By Mike Johnson on 2023-11-25 17:10:00

With Drew McIntyre's heel turn and what looks to be a renewed push, we've been asked whether he and WWE have come to terms on a new deal, as his current contract expires right after Wrestlemania 40.

We are told that currently the two sides haven't entered into deep discussions about a new deal.  WWE's stance has been that there is a lot of time to still negotiate.

We have heard of late that McIntyre has told those close to him that he is more than willing to let his current deal lapse if necessary and take a break for his family as they recently suffered the loss of his wife's sister.  We are also told that McIntyre has long stated to those he's friends with that he'd like the chance to spend some extended time back in Scotland, as it's been many years since he's had the chance to have more than a quick visit with his family there as he lives full-time in the United States.

We are told that McIntyre is more than willing to let family come first over a new contract if there has to be a choice of one or the other, but with five or so months to go before the end of his current deal, there is still time to the two sides to work something out - and there's been no signs of any negative issues between WWE management and McIntyre.

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