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By Billy Krotchsen on 2023-10-17 22:19:00

Match 1) Jacy Jayne (with Thea Hail) defeated Izzi Dame via discus lariat.
Match 2) Ivy Nile defeated Valentina Feroz via Dragon Sleeper.
They taped the opening for the show at this point.
Match 3) Myles Borne (with Drew Gulak and Damon Kemp) defeated Trey Bearhill. Damon got on the ring for a distraction and Trey went for him. Myles took advantage with a dropkick to win the match.
Match 4) Oro Mensah (with Lash Legend and Jakara Jackson) defeated Dante Chen. Lash tried to get involved at one point setting up Oro to take advantage scoring the win via spinning wheel kick in the corner.

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