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By Mike Johnson on 2023-10-02 08:19:00

MLW announced the following:

BREAKING: Phantom Challenger replaces B3CCA in Exo Title Fight
A new mysterious competitor has emerged.  Who is behind the cloak and mask? Find out at Slaughterhouse!

MLW today announced a new World Featherweight Title Fight Delmi Exo (Champion) vs. The Phantom Challenger at MLW Slaughterhouse live and exclusively on FITE+ Saturday, October 14 at Philadelphia’s 2300 Arena.

???? Grab tickets at and the 2300 Arena box office. Tickets start at $15. 

Breaking news! B3CCA has withdrawn from challenging for the World Featherweight Championship… and a new mysterious competitor has emerged. 

Due to B3CCA continuously pushing back her new album, her record label is enforcing her contract and subsequently banning the “International Popstar” from wrestling until she completes her highly anticipated album.

MLW can confirm the “God Queen” will still defend the title at Slaughterhouse and it will be against the Phantom Challenger! 

Shrouded in mystery, this new threat to Delmi’s title holds all of the cards, making it virtually impossible for the champion to adequately prepare for her title fight. 

League officials offered Exo a night off, however the champion refused to not defend the title at Slaughterhouse. Instead, Exo faces the great unknown. Will it be a trick or treat for the “God Queen”? The wrestling world is ripe with speculation. 

Fans can watch this match streaming exclusively at Slaughterhouse LIVE on FITE+. Sign up for your FITE+ subscription now.  

Who is behind the cloak and mask? Find out at Slaughterhouse!

Lock in your tickets now at and see it go down Saturday, October 14 in Philadelphia at

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