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By Paul Jordan on 2023-09-28 08:59:00

AEW released the following highlights from last night's Dynamite in Colorado:

Could Jarrett take the International Championship off of new champ Fenix? | 9/27/23, AEW Dynamite

Don Callis, Takeshita & Guevara admire their work before WrestleDream! | 9/27/23, AEW Dynamite

Who won a shot at the International title? Castagnoli vs Cage vs Jackson! | 9/27/23, AEW Dynamite

ROH Tag Champs, Better Than You Bay Bay, address their match at WrestleDream! | 9/27/23 AEW Dynamite

WrestleDream Preview! Cassidy vs Jackson vs Penta El Zero Miedo vs Gunn! | 9/27/23, AEW Dynamite

Could Willow Nightingale get her revenge on House of Black’s Julia Hart? | 9/27/23, AEW Dynamite

Ahead of their match at WrestleDream, Hangman & Swerve meet face-to-face! | 9/27/23, AEW Dynamite

TNT Champion, Christian Cage, & Darby Allin sit down with Jim Ross! | 9/27/23, AEW Dynamite


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