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By Anthony Pires on 2023-09-27 20:22:00

It's Wednesday! That means AEW Dynamite is LIVE and are once again at a Go-Home episode as WrestleDream is This Sunday LIVE on PPV.  Tony Schiavone, Taz and Excalibur have the call of all of tonight's action.

AEW International Championship: Rey Fenix w/Alex Abrahantes vs. Jeff Jarrett w/Karen Jarrett, Sonjat Dutt, Jay Lethal and Satnum Singh

Aubrey Edwards out referee, for context. Feix with a tope as the challenger walks to the ring. Fenix with chops on the floor. Fexi attacks Lethal, Dutt and evades the interference of Karen Jarrett.  Fenix with a moonsault for 2. Jarrett with kicks and hits a bottom rope legdrop. Superkick by Fenix.  DDT by Fenix after a mild distraction from Singh. We go to commercial.

We're back and it's Jarrett with the advantage. Fenix with chops. Jarrett ducks a clothesline and sends Fenix to the floor. Aubrey shoves Karen Jarrett out of the way on the floor. Shoulder blocks by Rey. Springboard armdrag by the champion into a double stomp for 2. Fenix with a thrust kick. Fenix kicks Lethal. Low blow by Jarrett into a small package for 2. Kick to the gut into a stroke for 2, Fenix made the ropes. Singh to the apron. He gets dropkicked by Fenix. Inside crade by Fenix for the pin.


We see the injury suffered by Adam Cole last week.

Adam and Max are at a dock in Long Island. They go sailing. MJF wonders why Cole was on the phone with Roddy Strong for so long last week. Max teases hitting him with the Diamond Ring. Cole extolls the virtues of friendship. They catch Capt. Insano (tough to explain).

We see Don Callis and Kenosuke Takeshita in Japan last week. They're hunting Kota Ibushi.

Renee welcomes Takeshita and Callis to the ring.  Renee asks if Sammy Guevara has formally joined the family.  Callis gives Sammy a big intro.  The father to be struts out. Callis and Sammy embrace. 

We see highlights of Callis and Takeshita in Tokyo looking for Ibushi. They find him at a gym. Ibushi holds his own but gets beaten down with a kettleball. They choke Ibushi. Back to Colorado, they vow to end Omega and Jericho this Sunday. Sammy proclaims himself the good guy in this whole story. Sammy proclaims that he has taken the torch and is the star he knew he'd be.

We see highlights of Ricky Starks vs. Bryan Danielson from Collision. We hear from Starks post match. Wheeler Yuta approached him to apologize but then challenges him to a match for WrestleDream.

Nick Jackson vs. Claudio Castagnoli w/Wheeler Yuta vs. Brian Cage w/Prince Nana

  • Winner of this looks to meet Rey Fenix next week
  • Nick immediately gets tossed to the floor. Cage and Claudio with a Greco Roman knucklelock.
  • Kick by Cage but it's Claudio with a suplex. Cage pops up and nails a suplex of his own
  • Nick come sback to the ring and takes out Cage and Claudio with a double headscissors
  • Claudio with a kick to the face of Nick JAckson as we go to commercial.
  • As we return it's Caludio with a fallaway to Cage. He misses a charge. Cage with a German. Nick with a bulldog to Cage
  • Nick with a superkick to Caludio into a DDT on the floor.
  • Nick with a 450 for 2 to Cage
  • Cauadio pulls Nick out and throws him into the steps.
  • Claudio with the big swing to Cage (8 rotations) and scores a 2
  • Nick ranas Claudio to the floor.
  • F10 by Cage to Jackson for 2.
  • Cage suplexes Claudio into the ring for 2.
  • Referee is Paul Turner for context
  • Series of rollups. Claudio with an uppercut to Cage and then JAckson.
  • Lariat for 2 by Claudio to Cage.
  • Anvil elbows to Cage. 
  • Ricola bomb by Claudio to Cage. JAckson ranas Claudio from the ring and scores the pin on Cage


We see a video on The Righteous ahead of their ROH Tilte match this Sunday. For the record, Vincent is a Rhode Island boy so I will be unabashedly rooting for him Sunday.

Better Than You Bay Bay come out. Cole is on crutches and a big cast.  Adam has a story. It's a sad chapter. Cole says he has a broken ankle and needs surgery. He vows to be back as soon as possible. Cole says they have to relinquish.......NOT SO FAST per MJF  MJF blames himself for Cole's injury and vows to go it alone this Sunday.  Roderick Strong comes out in a wheelchair with the Kingdom. MJF understands that Strong is Cole's boy.  Cole and MJF embrace and Cole goes up to meet Strong. Cole and Strong and The Kngdom walk off. Jay White comes out with Bullet Club Gold.

White asks him team to go back. 

White shuts MJF down.  MJF says that White came for a king and he missed. MJF despises the fact that people compare him to Jay White. MJF verbally eviscerates White. He calls White a mass marketed Japanese version of a top guy. 

White says he feels let down by the MJF experience.

White says he thinks MJF is distracted by the Adam Cole bromance. He blames MJF for Cole's injury. White says he's here to ruin MJF's life. FRankly, White wants the AEW World Title. Just watch the segment....

White bails. Honestly thought they were signing this for WrestleDream

Backstage, Christian Cage and Darby Allin are with Jim Ross ahead of WrestleDream. It's 2 out of 3 falls this Sunday. Darby vows to win in his hometown. Cage invites Darby to invite everyone he knows to be in attendance Sunday.

Orange Cassidy vs. Matt Jackson vs Austin Gunn vs.Penta

  • Armdrag by Matt, rollup by Austin for 1
  • Cassidy clears the ring but gets rolled up for 1
  • Headscissors takedown by Penta to Cassidy
  • Austin stops a tope by Penta. They sqaure off.
  • For cotext, Rick Knox is the referee. I hope no one gets hurt
  • Austin and Penta shove each other and trade slaps. Gunn goes down
  • Matt eats a Penta kick
  • Cassidy eats a Penta kick
  • Austin Gunn cleans house and jabs away at Cassidy as we go to commercial
  • We are back and it's Gunn getting knocked off the top by JAckson. Jackson splashes Penta on the floor. Cassidy fires away at Gunn and he splashes Penta and JAckson.
  • Neckbreaker for 2 by Gunn
  • Pedigree setup by Gunn he gets backdropped by Cassidy. Destroyer by Penta.
  • Cassidy with a destroyer to Jackson
  • Cassidy with a destroyer to Gunn
  • All 4 men go down
  • Northern Lights by Jackson. He goes for a 2nd. JAckson Northern Lights PEnta and Gunn for 2.
  • Penta blocks a BTE trigger
  • Enziguiri by Penta
  • Orange Punch to Penta. Beach Break to Jackson.
  • I need a drink
  • All 4 slug it out. Gunn eats a triple superkick
  • Orange Punch to Jackson and he scores the pin


I should point out that Tony Schiavone is not here tonight.

Julia Hart vs. Willow Nightingale

I'll say it again: BOTH these women are awesome. Willow is coming into this injured but she hits a series of clotheslines. Willow with stomps in the corner. Choke by Hart. Willow misses a charge. Clothesline by Willow into a chop. Suplex by Willow. Ground and Pound by Willow. The bandage is off Willow's eye. Slam by Willow. Hart goes to the floor and chop blocks Willow followed by a back to the head lariat as we go to commercial.

We're back and Hart with a choke, Willow flips her over. Hip attack by Willow followed by a spine buster. Rainmaker by Willow, takedown by Hart.  Hartless and Willow makes the rope.

Pounce by Willow. Tree of Woe by Willow.Hart evades the cannonball.  Moonsault and Hart scores the pin.


Hart locks in Hartless. Kris Statlander makes the save. Brody King protects Julia

Contract signing. Swerve Strickland comes out and stops Prince Nana from dancing.  Renee Paquette is the emcee. Adam Page comes out. His penmanship has not improved.

The Elite and the Mogul Embassy are banned from ringside tonight. Swerve cuts a promo declaring Seattle Swerves House. Page says he's happy Swerve is fired up. Page says there has been a little cloud over his head lately. Every sunny day has had a little rain. Page realizes that the people deserve the best of him. Page says he deserves the best of himself and vows that Swerve will see the best of him.

Swerve runs down Russell Wilson and the Broncos. They go back and forth and Page reminds Swerve that he's knocked every opportunity he's had out of the park. Swerve slaps Page and signs the contract.

We go to credits.

WAIT! Jay White gets beaten down in the back by a series of men dressed in black. One of them has the All Out 2022 Devil Mask worn by MJF

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