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By Cory Strode on 2023-09-27 20:21:00

It is Wednesday and this week, AEW Dynamite is at the 1stBank Center in Broomfield, CO.  The commentary team is Excalibur, and Taz.

Rey Fenix (AEW International Champion) w/Alex Abrahantes vs Jeff Jarrett w/Half the locker room

Fenix jumps Jarrett and his crew before the brawl and he and Jarrett brawl on the outside before the bell. Once they get in the ring and the bell rings, Jarrett takes over and the story of the match is Rey is doing everything he can to deal with the shenanigans of Jarrett’s team. They do play off the Aubrey Edwards/Karen Jarrett feud with her stopping Karen from attacking Rey. Jarrett’s team gets all of their shenanigans, but Rey is able to get the most devastating move in all of professional wrestling, the surprise roll up for the pin and the win.

Winner and still AEW International Champion: Rey Fenix

Jarrett and his team are a reliable heel team and they are all great in the roles. 

We then get MJFand Adam Cole on his dad’s boat in Long Island. MJF is still upset about Cole being on the phone with Roderick Strong instead of coming down to ringside, and it looks like MJF is going to attack him, but Cole explains it’s good to have more than one friend. MJF says he’s fine with it, and besides, he almost got caught the last time he dumped someone overboard. 

Cole then says he has a bite and as they try to reel it in, we see it’s Paul Wight, who joins them for a beer after he gets the hook out of his mouth.   Wight was in his Captain Insano gear. 

We also see Don Callis and Takeshita hunting Ibushi in Tokyo.

Renee Paquette invites Don Callis and Takeshita to the ring, and as we hear the Chord of Doom we get a recap of Sammy Guevara joining their team last week. Don then asks Sammy to join them. Renee then asks him about Tokyo after Don tells her to ask him about it.   

We get video of Don and Takeshita attacking Ibushi at his dojo. 

Don then brags about how great they will do at Wrestle Dream. Sammy says he is the hero and Jericho is the villain. The crowd, however, has an “R” rated chant for Sammy. 

We get a recap of the match between Bryan Danielson and Ricky Starks from Collision. We get comments from Ricky that he didn’t submit so he is still better than Bryan. Yuta shows up and interrupts and says that Ricky just whines and complains. Yuta then challenges Ricky to a match at Wrestle Dream.

Nick Jackson vs Brian Cage vs Claudio Castagnoli  - Winner gets a shot at the AEW International Championship

Nick is tossed out of the ring immediately, Cage and Claudio lock up and it becomes a hoss fight. Nick comes in and gets a terribly unrealistic flurry of offense until Claudio hits an uppercut so we don't have to keep suspending our disbelief. Through the commercial they switch up the Claudiop and Cage fighting to see who would pin Nick, and then Nick laying back as Cage and Claudio fight to pick the bones.

After Nick gets tossed into the steel steps, Claudio gives Cage the big swing and Nick breaks up the pin. In their next mix up, Claudio uppercuts Nick out of the ring and gets the Ricola bomb, and Nick is able to sneak in and knock Claudio out of the ring and grabs the quick pin on Cage.

Winner: Nick Jackson

I understand wanting a Nick Jackson/Rey Fenix match, but there is no way Nick should beat two of the best Big Men in AEW. If they wanted Nick to grab the win, there is a better way to do it than having him overpower Claudio.  

We then get a video of The Righteous that gives us a better look at their weird, cult-like personas.

MJF and ADAM! Cole come to the ring. Cole is on crutches with a cast. It’s story time with ADAM!, and it’s a sad chapter of the story. His ankle is broken and he has to go get surgery. Cole says that because they can’t defend the titles, they have to relinquish them. MJF says NO! He says he will defend them in a handicap match. 

Rodderick Strong starts yelling for ADAM! as he is brought out in a wheelchair, in a hospital gown, and he says he needs ADAM more than ever, and it’s an emergency. MJF says he learned about friendship on their boat, and he knows that Roddy needs his help, even if he is a simp.  And Roddy keeps yelling ADAM!!

Before MJF can say anything, the Bullet Club come out to the stage. Jay White sends everyone else to the back before coming to the ring. After the crowd chants both of their names, Jay tells him to shut up because people would rather hear his accent for a change. MJF then goes after Jay verbally, He has an extended rant about Jay is tofu, only good when it tries to taste like something else. He says Jay is all hype and what someone in Japan thought was a top guy. 

Jay calmly watches and listens as MJF gives his promo and then applauds MJF for his promo. He says MJF is off a bit lately and he doesn’t think the crowd loves him like they do ADAM! Jay says he has been ruining MJF’s life from afar for a while now, but now he’s here to ruin it up close. Jay then says he is taking the AEW title from him and puts himself over huge. Jay says MJF has gone soft.

MJF loses his cool and strips off the title belts and says he will go after him right now. Jay dances out of the ring and leaves MJF fuming on the top turnbuckle.

Jim Ross is with Darby Allin and Christian Cage and they are prohibited from getting physical. Cage says he has been the TNT champion for months now. JR says he has lost to Darby twice. Cage says they were fluke pinfalls and non title. Cage then goes to dead dads and uncles for hsi promo. 

Cage says Darby can bring whoever he wants, and then gets under Darby’s skin, and darby almost goes after him. 

Cage was so damn good here.  

Orange Cassidy vs Penta vs Austin Gunn vs Matt Jackson 

Austin pulls Cassidy out of the ring and tosses him into the barricade. It then becomes two at a time in the ring and when someone is tossed from the ring someone comes in to take their place. Penta and Austin have a long time in the ring doing their shenanigans before Auistin is knocked right out of the ring quickly. It then goes back to two at a time fighting in the ring. 

The action is solid and everyone gets a spotlight, but it really isn’t gelling as an actual match when people are having to lay on the floor for such entended periods of time. Everyone is able to get a destroyer on someone and all four men collapse in the middle of the ring. After that sequence we move to near falls. Matt is able to suplex Penta and Austin while holding a pin on Cassidy for one sequence. 

Cassidy is able to get the Orange Punch on Matt Jackson for the pin and the win.

Winner: Orange Cassidy

 This is the kind of match that shows why I am not a fan of four way matches. The action was good, and there were a few bits I liked (especially when Austin pinned Orange, and when he kicked out, Matt, and when he kicked out, Penta, and when they recovered they all went after Austin), but for the most part, it’s just convoluted. Too many times where people had to lay down and wait for their turn to get in the ring and hit their moves before letting someone else come in. 

Willow Nightingale (with an eye injury) vs Julia Hart

Willow has a bandaged eye and Willow goes after her immediately. Hart keeps trying to attack Willow from the blind side, but Willow keeps up the attack with her power. Hart rolls out fo the ring and then goes under the ring. When Willow goes out to chase her, Brody King distracts her so that Hart can hit a chop block from the blind side.

Hart keeps up the attack through the commercial break. After the break, we see Willow’s bandage has been pulled off and Willow is able to get a pair of near falls. Hart is able to grab Hartless after Willow is dropped to the mat, but they are too close to the ropes.  Willow then hits the pounce and then hits the stampede into the corner. Julia is able to pull herself up to avoid the cannonball, and then hits a moonsault press for the pin and the win.

Winner: Julia Hart

Hart then locks in Hartless and Statlander runs in for the save, and Hart gets behind Brody King on the floor to keep Statlander at bay.

And now it’s time for the time honored tradition of the contract signing, and it’s Swerve Strickland and Adam Page to sign papers.   

Before they sign papers, Swerve says Page has shown fire lately, but he can’t lose in his home town and they couldn’t be more opposite. He then taunts Page.  Page then says that Swerve was right, but even with the good thing happening in his life, he had a black cloud over him. Then Swerve’s speech woke him up and the fans deserve the best of him. 

Swerve mocks Page’s speech and then mocks the Denver Broncos for some cheap heat. Page’s promo after this was a mess until he says that every opportunity he’s been given, he knocked it out of the park and Swerve doesn’t have what it takes to fill his boots.

Swerve slaps Page and Page uses the pen to stab Swerve’s hand and they are pulled apart. 

We then go to the back where Jay White is beaten up by four masked men and the fifth is wearing MJF’s Devil mask. That man grabs the camera and the screen goes black.


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