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By Mike Johnson on 2023-09-19 12:41:00

Samoa Joe was interviewed by The New York Post as part of AEW's media push for tomorrow's Grand Slam 3 at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens, NY.  Highlights:

Main Eventing Grand Slam and challenging for the AEW title: "It’s unusual. I think when you look at the breadth of my career, to me I’m never surprised. This is what you set out to do. These are the expectations I put on myself. I’ve been counted out. I think I’m on my third one now, legitimately as far as it’s done, over with. As long as we keep moving forward, keep finding ways to entertain fans, I’ll be out here doing my thing with the same expectations. Not surprised at all we are where we are."

What a Victory tomorrow would mean: "This is very much about examples being to be made. I made an example of Adam Cole. I’m looking forward to making an example of MJF in front of his friends and family. I think it’s the best place to make an example where the people who care about him the most will see. I’m looking forward to going in there, walking him down, crushing him completely and taking all the big championships. Maybe having a big celebration afterward, maybe grab a slice. I don’t know. "

The Passing of Windham "Bray Wyatt" Rotunda: "Ton and tons of Bray stories. I really think the thing that you will find universally with Windham was he was the type of person, when he walked in a room, it instantly brightened up. Once you’re his brother, you’re his brother for life and he’ll show up for whatever you need him to show up for. If you called and said, ‘I need you down here,’ lo and behold, a couple hours later you’ll see him pulling up in the driveway. And just the family itself, between Mike and Bo and his sister Mika they were all very involved in the business at certain points and time. Everybody has a tremendous amount of respect and love for them. I think if anything, the hurt was felt a little bit extra deep because of how many people were connected to both Windham and his family. To see him gone now, it just doesn’t seem real. I miss him every day."

There was also this discussion of the CM Punk-Jack Perry incident that led to Punk's firing from AEW:

Q: You were in the middle of everything that happened backstage at All In. Have the reports and things that you heard been accurate? Is there anything you’d want to set a record straight on? And what was going through your mind when you’re thinking ‘Hey, I got to get a match in the ring after this.’

A: For the most part, I haven’t read what’s been portrayed. There’s been so much said. I’m not the one to go out there and try to debunk everything. I know we had the initial incident. Everybody rallied. Everybody got together. Got their heads together and lined up and got ready to do the show and we went out there and we did the show. 

That really was the focus at that point in time. We got a massive show to do and we got fans out there rabid to see that happen. So it’s important that we step up and do it and it’s important that we did and I was proud to be a part of that. 


Q: Was it as intense as it sounded in that moment?

A: That’s up to whoever perceived it. I’m used to that environment. Those things don’t seem very intense to me, but it could be something crazy intense to someone else. I wasn’t really affected by the moment. I was more focused on getting the show back on track and getting us going because it was bell time       



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