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By Cory Strode on 2023-09-18 23:00:00

It is Monday and it's time for Monday Night Raw from the Delta Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our commentary team is Michael Cole & Wade Barrett 

And yes, I am not the normal WWE recap writer.  I’d make a joke about AEW taking over, but it would bring back too many bad memories for people who are still upset about WWF taking over the wrestling slot on TBS in the 80’s.

Cody Rhodes comes to the ring for the opening RAW monologue. He says he wants to talk about Main Event Jey Uso since he was interrupted last week.  He is interrupted again by Dominik Mysterio. He says once Jey joins Judgment Day, they will continue to be the most dominant faction, and Rhea Ripley will not be there tonight since she was injured by Nia Jax last week. He will dedicate his victory to her.

Cody tells Dominik to tell them again because the crowd couldn’t hear it. Cody says that may finally win Rhea over, since he is far more into her than she is into him. Cody says the Rhea has eyes for Jey Uso.

Dominik says it’s not like that, and when Jey joins, he will know what it’s like to have family.

Damian Priest and Finn Balor show and it’s time for a commercial before the first match. 

Dragon Lee is at ringside. 

WWE NXT North American Champion Dominik Mysterio vs Cody Rhodes

I highly doubt their North American Championship is on the line.

Dominik shoves Cody and Cody hits the drop down uppercut and then a stalling vertical suplex. Cody grabs a figure four and Dominik makes it to the ropes for a break. Cody works over Dominik in the corners, but Finn pulls Cody off the apron. Dominik stomps down Cody int the corner when Cody gets back in the ring and then hits a pair of suplexes. Cody gets a second rope Cody cutter. Cody hits crossroads for the pin and the win.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Judgment Day gets on the apron, and Cody is quickly joined by Kevin Owens and Sammy Zayn, and Judgment Day backs off. When everyone is going to  the back, Kevin asks him to come back to the ring.

Kevin says that Jey Uso is back on RAW because of Cody. He then says he doesn’t need to give the details about what Jey did in the locker room when he was in the Bloodline, so he wants to know why Cody brought him back. 

Cody says he has had a lot of jobs and duties, but his job is to make people happen, and he asks the crowd if they like Jey and they cheer. Cody says he deserves a second chance. He then says that the Bloodline is down a member, so what is wrong about that.   Sammy says Kevin takes more time to warm up to people. Sammy says he knows Jey and has been through a lot with him. He doesn’t have to give Jey a second chance, but he should, because they have given each other second chances.

Kevin says he knows where this is going. He says if they want him to pretend Jey didn’t cost them all titles and title matches. He says he will even pretend Jey is one shade of eyeliner away from joining Judgment Day, but if they want him to trust Jey, he hopes they are right. 

We then get a recap of last week’s women’s world title match where Nia Jax returned.

Kofi Kingston vs Ivar

We get an insert that Erik is not able to compete tonight so the two out of three match is canceled. 

Ivar tries to slam Kofi, but Kofi blocks in. Ivar is able to shoulder tackle Kofi. They run the ropes and Kofi gets a shoulder block, but Ivar is able to get head scissors and drop onto Kofi from the second turnbuckle. Kofi is whipped to the corner and Kofi gets a series of blows out of the corner. Kofi gets a pendulum kick in the corner and follows with blows, a drop kick and a leaping clothesline. Kofi gets a spin kick for two.

Kofi is drops over the top and Ivar hits a splash from the apron onto the floor as we go to commercial.

When the match resumes, Ivar slams Kofi, follows with a flying cross body, and then goes to the top. Ivar misses a splash, and both men slowly pull themselves to their feet. Kofi goes to the second rope and hits a splash for two. Kofi gets another flying cross body from the top for two. Ivar nails Kofi with a big boot. Kofi hits an SOS for two.

Kofi hits a boom drop and tries for Trouble in Paradise but Ivar dodges. Ivar gets a power bomb for two. Ivar gets a spin kick for two. Ivar leaps onto Kofi in the corner and then goes to the second rope. Then to the top and hits a moonsault for two. Ivar then puts Kofi on the top and Kofi fights back. Kofi hits a power bomb on Ivar and hits Trouble in Paradice for the pin and the win.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

We then get a video recap of the feud between Shinsuke Nakamura and Seth Rollins.

Jackie Redmond is in the back with Ricochet and he says that he is nobody’s pawn, and he is out for revenge for Nakmura’s attack from last week. He says that he is a cheat code and tonight, it’s game over.

Seth Rollins comes out near the end of Shinsuke’s entrance and Adam Pierce and officials try to stop him, but Seth gets around them. Shinsuke gets behind security and mocks Seth in the ring as we go to a commercial. 

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Ricochet

Ricochet drives Shinsuke into the corner and the ref pulls them apart. They attack each other again, and Shinsuke gets a cheap shot on Ricochet when the ref pulls them apart. Shinsuke kicks him down a few times, but Ricochet gets to his feet, gets a head scissors takedown and then follows with a drop kick and a cover, but Shinsuke grabs the rope at one.

Ricochet gets kicks in the corner and then hefts him up, but Shinsuke escapes and hits a sliding drop kick when Ricochet goes for a handspring off the ropes. Shinsuke puts Ricochet on top and then hits a rising knee strike for a two count. Shinsuke gets a headlock and Ricochet fights his way free.  Shinsuke hits a knee and locks on a rear stretch and takes a few shots at his midsection. 

Ricochet works to his feet and gets a snap mare followed by a standing moonsault for two. Ricochet gets in a few blows and Shinsuke reverses the hold and works over Ricochet in the corner. Shinsuke misses a sliding German suplex in the ropes and Ricochet hits a second ropes moonsault onto Shinsuke onto the floor as we go to commercial.

Back in the match, Shinsuke is working over Ricochet in the corner. Ricochet is able to get a running knee and both men are down. Ricochet gets the springboard into Shinsuke. Ricochet gets a shooting start for two. Shinsuke gets a knee and then they fight in the corner with Ricochet ending it with a flying cross body for two. 

Shinsuke knicks Ricochet onto the apron and then drops him neck first on the apron. Ricochet gets a pair of kicks on the floor and then dodges a steel chair from Shinsuke. Ricochet nails Shinsuke with the chair.

Winner as the result of a disqualification: Shinsuke Nakamura

Shinsuke works over Ricochet after the match, going after Ricochet’s leg and then beating it with a steel chair against the ring post.

Seth Rollins charges and attacks Shinsuke. Shinsuke backdrops Seth onto a steel chair in the ring. Security pulls Seth out of the ring and it’s a pull apart brawl. Shinsuke drops Seth on the announce table and then goes to the back with security around him.

We see Seth in the back and he’s not able to walk due to back pain. 

Then is a video package of the match between Shayna Baszler and Chelsea Green last week.

Byron Saxton is with Piper Niven and Chelsea Green, Green says Baszler and Stark  aren’t even a real team. What makes a team is friendship, and Piper is confused by her saying they are friends. Piper asks what country she’s from if they are friends, and Green says Florida. 

WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Chelsea Green & Piper Niven vs. Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark.

Stark and Green start off and Green gets in a kick and a series of blows. Stark is able to take control with an uppercut and a snap mare followed by a clothesline and senton from the top for two. Baszler is tagged in and hits a neck breaker and then drops Green from behind. Stark tags back in and she whips Green to the corner. Green gets an elbow up and then follows with a missile drop kick from the top and covers for two.

Niven tags in and she hits a shoulder breaker for two. Stark is worked over in the corner of the champs, but Stark is able to get a rear kick for two, broken up by Niven. Baszler charges and knocks Niven out of the ring. They brawl on the floor, and Niven drops Baszler on the steel steps.

Nia Jax shows up from nowhere and takes out Niven and then gets in the ring, takes out Starks and then takes out Green. Nia Jax hits Baszler with an annihilator.

Winners:  No one.

In the back, Chad Gable is asking Adam Pierce for another chance at Gunther, but Pierce says he has to earn that match. Bronson Reed shows and says that’s right and it’s the back of the line for Gable. Gabel tells him to shoosh and he made a name for himself suplexing big boys like him, so he’s happy to face him. Pierce says to take it to the ring.

We then get a video of The Rock showing on Smackdown Friday night.

In the back Jackie is with Jey Uso. Jey says that he knows he has a lot of eyes on him and a big red target on his back. He is interrupted by Damian Priest who asks him for a favor. He says he wants Jey Uso, but he can’t make the decision on his own, it’s a family. Jey says he knows about family, and Priest says he knows about Bloodline, but they can be the family he has been looking for his whole life, but he wants an answer by the end of the night.

Chad Gable vs Bronson Reed

Reed tosses Gable around to start with, but Gable finally gets in a free flying forearms followed by a drop kick. Gable tries to suplex Reed and Reed doesn’t move. Reed power slams Gable. He then drops Gable with a head butt. He keeps beating Gable around the ring. Gable is abel to land on his feet after a suplex, and gets a foot up when Reed charges into the corner. Reed then gorilla presses Gable onto the top turnbuckle and then knocks him off the apron.

When we come back from commercial, Gabel fights his way free from Reed and gets a chop block and Redd fires back with a clothesline. Reed pummels Gable on top, but Gable is able to get an arm bar from the top for a four count. Gable then hits a flying head butt splash for two. Reed then gets up and plows through Reed.  Reed goes for a senton, and Gable gets the knee up. Gable tries for a suplex, but Reed falls backwards to slam him instead, and then hits the cross body slam from the top for the pin and the win.

Winner: Bronson Reed

In the back Tommaso Ciampa says that playing the long game is a crutch and if you want something done you create your own opportunities. He will go after Imperium because he chose them, and Gunther has what he wants.

We get a recap of Becky Lynch winning the NXT women’s championship last week. 

In the back, Kevin and Sammy are arguing, and Jey Uso shows up and they continue the argument with Sammy trying to play peacemaker. Kevin says he doesn’t care what Jey does, he’s done for the night. After he leaves, Sammy tells him to just chill, and Jey has a decision to make about Judgment Day.

Becky comes out and talks about how she wants to give chances to people with the NXT title. Natalya shows and says she deserves the match because she’s been working her ass off for years. Becky says she wants to give chances to younger people on the way up, and Natalya says she’s tired of being overlooked and Becky is just a Ginger Witch. 

I am so used to AEW’s PG-13 I laughed at that. 

WWE NXT Champion Becky Lynch vs Natalya

Natalya attacks Becky when the bell rings and tosses Becky into the ring post through the ropes as we go to commercials. 

We return to Becky gets a running strike off the ropes and then hits an exploder for two. Natalya gets a German suplex and then tries for a sharpshooter, but Becky is able to get a small package for two. Becky goes to the top and Natalya meets her there amd hits a super plex for two. Natalya tries for a sharpshooter and Becky fights out and slams Natalya into the turnbuckle. Becky hits a missile drop kick from the top and then hits a baseball slide, knocking Natalya to the floor.

They return to the ring and Becky leaps from the top, and Natalya hits a discus clothesline for two. Becky tries for the disarmer and Natalya turns into a pin for two. They trade two counts and Becky holds on for three.

Winner and still NXT Champion: Becky Lynch

Dominik charges into Adam’s office and says he didn’t do his job because he allowed Rhea to get injured last week and Nia isn’t being punished. Dominik then says he doesn’t like Dragon Lee because men with masks remind him of his deadbeat dad. Dragon Lee says he will beat Dominik for the NXT North American Title.

Tommaso Ciampa vs Giovanni Vinci w/Ludwig Kaiser

Ciampa and Vinci lock up and go into the ropes and Kaiser grabs Ciampa’s foot. Vinci works over Ciampa in the corner. Ciampa fights his way out of the corner and Vinci drops him with a clothesline. Gunther watches on TV in the back and Vinci whips Ciampa into the corner and then drops him with a sidewalk slam. Vinci taunts Ciampa with kicks, and Ciampa gets to his feet and gets in a few blows before Vinci tries to cut him off.

Ciampa hits a Thesz press and Kaiser rolls into the ring and then rolls out when Vinci gets a roll up for two. Vinci tries for a leaping blow off the second rope, but Ciampa grabs a Sicilian Stretch and Vinci has to tap out.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa

Byron asks Seth Rollins how he feels, and he says he’s hurt and losing his mind and will do whatever it takes to get Shinsuke in the ring. Seth says he will take his hands off the wheel and the ball is in Shinsuke’s court. Shinsuke can name the time, the place, and even the stipulation. 

We then get a video about Jey Uso coming to RAW. 

Jey Uso vs Drew McIntyre

Jey and Drew have words when the bell rings, but nothing is resolved with words. They lockup and Drew knocks Jey into the corner. They lock up again and Drew forces Jey into the corner. The fans are chanting Uso.  They break and Jey gets a running kick to Drew, and Drew whips Jey into the corner and Jey drops to the mat. 

Drew throws hands in the corner and then beats Jey down with blows and kicks. Jey is able to get to his feet and throws a few slaps. Drew is able to reverse a whip and then suplexes Jey for two. Drew chops Jey down, and Jey gets up and blocks a strike and fires back at Drew. Drew whips Jey into the corner and chops him again. Jey is whipped into the ropes and is able to send Drew to the outside, Jey then follows with a dive through the ropes. 

Jey hits a succumbed dive, and the Judgement Day comes from the back to be at ringside for Jey’s decision as we go to commercial.

When we return to the ring, Drew is throwing blows as he and Jey are on the top. Jey fires back and Drew has to step down. Drew nails Jey, gets on top again and hits a super plex. They throw hands when they recover and Jey gets the upper hand, but Drew hits the Glasgow Kiss.  Jey gets a samoan drop for two. 

Both men struggle to get up. Drew rolls to the floor. Jey calls for a dive and Drew nails him when he tries to go through the ropes. Drew goes to the top. He leaps, and Jey dodgers. Drew gets a spinebuster for two. Jey is able to get his feet up in the corner when Drew charges. Drew gets a neckbreaker and kips up. 

Drew waits for Jey to get up and Damian Priest grabs Drew’s foot as Dominik distracts the ref.  Jey is able to use this to get a running kick for two. Jey sits in the corner as Judgement Day talks to him. Jey gets up and Damian stays on the apron. Jey then hits superkicks on Judgement Day, and Drew takes advantage of this to hit a claymore for the pin and the win.

Winner: Drew McIntyre 

Drew leaves and Jey is left in the ring for Judgement Day to attack. Drew stays on the stage and then turns and walks away as the beat down continues. He stops right before going backstage and as he is deciding, Cody Rhodes runs to the ring and runs wild. Judgement Day clears the ring and Cody is standing tall as we go to credits. 

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