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By Dave Scherer on 2023-09-19 10:00:00

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I get why Tony Khan calls All In “The Greatest Wrestling Event of All Time”, as it’s great marketing. However, selling a few thousand more tickets than WWE’s biggest paid crowd is not the only factor in determining the greatest wrestling ever - as true industry impact counts more. 

Your point is well taken.  Obviously “greatest” is subjective.  In this case, if Tony is referring to most tickets sold, I would counter with most revenue generated.  That isn’t to discount All In in any way, but to me business is about making money.  If I am rating “greatest” I go with what generated the most money and that is not All In.

Do you think now Endeavor can start to officially make changes, that the awful piped in crowd noise will be removed from WWE TV? It's so fake and audibly bad. John Cena even referenced it in his feud with Austin Theory, and even The Rock's WWE return last week, you could just hear (for some reason) chimed in cheers when he got on the apron. Really takes away from the emotion for me. You don’t get it in any other sports.

First off remember this, wrestling is not a sport.  It’s a show.  I have to be honest, I don’t even notice piped in crowd noise unless I hear cheering and don’t see fans reacting.  With that said, I don’t expect Endeavor to make any product changes any time soon.  They bought WWE to be WWE, run by the team that made it WWE.  To make a comparison, Endeavor wants to own the brothel, they don’t want to be a pimp.

Austin Theory pins John Cena at Wrestlemania. And then does, what? Has the ball been dropped? I know you cant push anyone, but the Cena win on the grandest stage of them all just seems wasted when they've done very little with him since. He really should have been the first world champion after that win, and let the faces chase him.

I think they tried to push him and found that he still needed some promo work so they slowed it down a bit.  I think that is the wise way to go.  Pushing a talent when they are showing weaknesses will do more harm than good.

I've been looking at AEW's ticket sales and ratings and it's quite clear they're on the decline. The buzz is completely gone and the product feels stale. Obviously there are a lot of reasons for this; poor booking, chaotic backstage, not mainstream enough, etc. Compare this to WWE, which is on the upswing since Triple H took over the booking. Is the real reason that AEW is struggling now that a lot of fans didn't truly want an alternative, they just wanted a good WWE? And now they've got it, they're abandoning AEW. The same could even be said of the talent, if the rumours are true (Cody and Regal have already gone back, plus Andrade, Malakai Black, Matthews and Miro all supposedly wanting a return, now Jade and even Punk).

I definitely think there is a group of the fandom that went to AEW because they didn’t like Vince McMahon’s booking, or Vince McMahon period.  Once Vince was gone from the every day creative, the booking got so much better and I am sure some percentage of fans left AEW and went back to WWE.  Now, the question would be why?  Well, if Tony Khan were booking a product that they liked, at least some of them would have stayed with AEW, and maybe some did.  But, some also left.  I think AEW missed an opportunity to hook fans that were looking to go back to WWE if it got good again.  It’s a shame but the flip side is Tony Khan is booking what he wants to see and it’s his money to spend as he sees fit.

Whenever the time comes for The Rock to go into the WWE Hall of Fame, who would you like to see induct him? Would Vince McMahon himself make the most sense the same he did for Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undertaker?

I would love to see his mother Ata induct him.  She is such a huge part of his story and she has the wrestling pedigree as well.

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