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By Mike Johnson on 2023-09-18 08:30:00

The second season of Heels concluded on STARZ this past Friday with a hell of a cliffhanger.  If you haven't seen the show, it's been excellent and is beyond worth tracking down and going out of your way to see.  My fear, as I wrote before the new season kicked off, is that the show was going to be lost in the tidal wave of the SAG-AFTRA strike and not really promoted, which would make it really easy for STARZ to decide not to invest in a third season.  I really, sincerely hope I am incorrect, as the writing, acting and presentation of the wrestling, especially the season finale inter-promotional battle between The Duffy Wrestling League and their arch-rivals Florida Dystopia Wrestling, has been nothing short of superb.

Danny Cage's Monster Factory in Paulsboro, NJ will be holding a Larry Sharpe Memorial Tournament this Sunday 9/23 with Bobby Buffet, Goldy, Max Sterling, Nick Battee, Christian Darling, Neveah Madonna, Daniel Alexander, Miranda Vionette (who a few years ago, won the NWA Mid-Atlantic Legends Fanfest Reid Flair Scholarship, so nice to see her back on the scene), Geddy Cahoon, Mike Zee and Mike Reed announced.

Cassandro, the biopic on the life and times of the lucha star, currently has a limited theatrical release in advance of its premiere on Prime Video this Friday 9/22.  The reviews for the film have been stellar across the board.  There will be a NYC premiere screening tonight.  Bad Bunny, who obviously has been excellent in his WWE appearances, has a supporting role.  Chessman from Lucha Libre AAA oversaw all the lucha libre sequences.  Hijo del Santo plays himself in the film:

This weekend's WOW - Women of Wrestling episode will feature:

*Sylvia Sanchez and Vivian Rivera vs. The Tonga Twins.

*Princess Aussie vs, Holidead.

*Katarina Jinx vs. Kandi Krush.

*BK Rhythm, Gigi Gianni, Coach Campanelli and more appearing.

Paul Jordan sent word that WOW owner Jeanie Buss recently did an interview with Sports Illustrated's FanNation promoting the second season of the series.

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