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By Jeff Schwartz on 2023-09-17 15:01:00

JT Lightning Invitational Tournament 2023 Semi Final: Alec Price def. Colin Delaney and Mikey Montgomery and Tre Lamar, this was very good for the style.  Some highlights including a balcony Super Crazy style moonsault from Montgomery and Lamar truly rounding out more as a complete performer.  AIW should strap the rocket to Price and Lamar.

JT Lightning Invitational Tournament 2023 Semi Final: Eric Taylor def. Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Magnum CK and Mance Warner, this was simplistically organized and I have no doubt Chavo “agented” this.  Everything worked including Taylor doing the least as a heel saving himself for the final.  Between Lamar, Price, Taylor and Wes Barkley who was busy at Collision, there’s a lot of guys who can really go.

JT Lightning Invitational Tournament 2023 Semi Final: Sam Holloway def. Derek Dillinger and Masato Tanaka and Tom Lawlor, the highlight of this match was Lawlor’s “Peeping Tom” entrance.  Definitely the most centered 4 way, showing off Holloway. 

Austin James def. Dex Royal, this was simple, short, and showed that Royal is another keeper while James and his baseball gimmick has some work to do.

Dominic Garrini def. Paul London, hello this is the match you are looking for.  Paul London should be on every show and should sing more often.  This was so much fun.  Dom’s nod to Samoa Joe was noted and this was quite the fun spectacle.  London’s encore to Thunderball was Hello, is it me you are looking for by Lionel Richie.  Give him all the belts.

AIW Tag Team Championships: Money Shot (Elijah Dean & Zach Nystrom) (c) def. Cisco Silver & Tyson Riggs and Members Only (Calvin G. Lewis & Malcolm Cambridge) and TME (Duke Davis & Ganon Jones), TME are the one team in this match who aren’t regulars and it showed.  They are so good, they belong on tv.  Money Shot’s FTR cosplay and the green-ness of everyone else has a lot of room to improve and that should come with time.

Lance Archer def. Joshua Bishop, this was a super fun, well paced professional wrestling match.  Bishop is great, and they were perfect opponents.  Would love to see this one run back.

AIW Intense Championship: Isaiah Broner (c) def. Matthew Justice, hard hitting and physically violent.  Broner is a legit scary bad ass and he was not losing here.  Gonna take a special challenger to beat him credibly.

PME (Marino Tenaglia & Philly Collins) def. Matt Cardona & Steph De Lander, fun heel hijinx from SDL and Cardona, this was foiled when Bill Alphonso saved the day for PME.  This was exactly what you’d expect if you’ve seen Indy Cardona.

- JT Lightning Invitational Tournament 2023 Final: Eric Taylor def. Alec Price and Sam Holloway, in a perfect world this was the absolute perfect choice to win.  In our current world, Eric Taylor was also the perfect winner.  However there was entirely too much gaga with interference from The Duke, and Money Shot.  Taylor, since splitting from Mikey Montgomery has found the perfect direction and seems destined for big things.  Taylor pinned Holloway after working over the knee plus lots of outside interference.

As I said in my night 1 report, AIW is bursting at the seems with talent.  Attendance this weekend when we as a city honor the godfather of Cleveland wrestling JT Lightning was incredibly disappointing.  AIW delivered great shows, with big names, fans should be there to experience it live.  Definitely check these shows out on Fite + when the replays appear and head to for more, info.  Upcoming names appearing include Ultimo Dragon & The Boogeyman on 10/7 in Akron. 

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