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By Cory Strode on 2023-09-16 20:45:00

It is Saturday and AEW Collision Is live at the Bryce Jordan Center in State College, PA Our commentary team is Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness. 

We have the opening promos. 

Ricky Starks and Big Bill vs Claudio Castagnoli and Bryan Danielson

Rikcy and Bryan start off, but Bill is tagged in before they lock up. Bryan kicks at Bill’s legs until Bill catches him and shoves him into the corner and chops him down. Bryan is able to run the ropes and goes back to kicking Bill’s legs. Bill tosses Bryan into his corner and Claudio tags in. They lock up with a greco roman knuckle lock and Bill pushes Claudio down. As Claudio starts to power up, Bill breaks it up with kicks. They trade forearms and Claudio tries to pick up Bill, but can’t, and Bill works him over in the corner.

Bill goes for a suplex, and Claudio escapes out the back and gets an uppercut and picks up Bill, but can’t do anything. Bryan is tagged in and Bill clotheslines them both down. Ricky is tagged in and then he rockets at Bryan in the corner and works him over, going corner to corner. After taking ten blows in the corner, Byran reverses it and chops Ricky down to the mat. Bryan puts Ricky on top and gets a hurricanrana for two. 

Ricky is able to hit a shoulder tackle and Bill is tagged in. Bill hits a splash in the corner and 5hen calls for another. Bryan gets his feet up and goes to the top, and when Ricky moves toward him, Bill kicks Bryan off the top to the floor and we go to picture in picture.

When we return to picture in picture, Ricky is beating down Bryan in the corner. Bryan is whipped to the opposite corner, and he goes up and over and hits Ricky with a psycho knee. Both men are down and Bryan is able to get the hot tag. Claudio hits a series of clotheslines and uppercuts moving to 18 uppercuts on Bill in the corner before he falls.

Claudio lifts Bill for a cutter and gets a two count. V+Claudio grabs for the big swing, but Bill escapes and hits a chokeslam for two. Ricky is tagged in and he batters Claudio. Claudio is able to recover and gets the big swing on Ricky for two. Claudio gets a scorpion death lock and it is broken up by Bill. Bryan knocks Bill to the floor and hits a dive. Ricky hits a DDT on Claudio for two.

Ricky charges at Claudio, and Claudio hits an uppercut for two. Bryan is tagged in and hits the Yes kicks on Ricky. Ricky dodges the last one and rolls up Bryan for two, and Bryan reverses. Ricky reverses and catapults Bryan into the ropes where Bill nails him. Ricky then hits a spear for two, broken up by Claudio.

Bryan escapes out the back when Ricky tries for the rochambeau, hits a drop, kicks through the ropes on Bill, goes to the top, and Bill knocks him down. Claudio attacks Claudio, and Billback drops him into the crowd. Ricky and Bryuan are on top and Ricky reverses Bryan’s suplex and covers for two. Starks gets a low blow when the ref isn’t looking and then hits the rochambeau for the pin and the win.

Winners:  Big Bill and Ricky Starks. 

Claudio comes into the ring with a chair to run off Ricky.

We then get a promo from Adam Page and the Young Bucks who ask for the Ring of Honor to be put up when they face the Mogul Embassy on Wednesday. 

Hobbs says the next chapter of the Book of Hobbs is destruction and no one is safe. 

We then get a promo from Miro about how he beat Hobbs but he didn’t humble him, so he has to beat him again. He then says to his hot flexible wife he will pack people in pine boxes and sent them her way.

FTR (Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood) AEW Tag Team Champions vs Iron Savages (Bronson and Boulder) w/Jacked Jameson

The Savages attack FTR before the bill and beat down Dax in the corner. Boulder hits a splash and Bronson hits a splash for the top for two, broken up by Cash, who is then tossed from the ring. They keep up the work on Dax, slam him for another two count. Dax dodges a charge from Bronson in the corner and both men get the tag. 

Cash charges at Boulder and Bounder takes him down. Cash hits a series of blows and Boulder is able to slam him and calls for a moonsault from the second rope. Boulder misses and FTR puts him on top. They hit the shatter machine on Bronson. Cash suplexes Boulder from the top and Cash hits the splash for the pin and the win.

Winners and still AEW Tag Team Champions: FTR

The Workhorsemen show up for a challenge, and they all shake hands as the crowd chants “Who are you?”

Keith Lee is with Lexi Nair, and before they start, Shane Taylor shows up and says that Lee Moriarty is the latest member of Shane Taylor Promotions. 

Now, we do get the promo started a bit early so we know how many takes they have done for backstage promos. 

Anthony Bowens vs John Silver 

John Silver says the contract they signed, Max Caster and Billy Gunn are banned from ringside.

Silver and Bowens fight in the corner, and Bowens is able to prevail in the battle and then slams Silver. Bowens slams Silver and Silver rolls out of the ring. Silver takes his time to get in the ring and after getting in a few blows, whips Bowens to the corner.  Bowens gets his feet up and goes to the top, but Silver knocks Bowens to the floor as we go picture in picture.

When we return to full screen, Silver is working over Bowens in the middle of the ring. Bowens gets in a series of blows. Bowens gets a series of chops and a kick off the ropes. Bowens hits a Famouser for two. Silver gets a series of elbows and Bowens fires back. Silver runs into a discus elbow but is able to fight back. Silver then runs into a clothesline. Silver gets a suplex and a sidewalk slam for two. 

Silver waits for Bowens to get up and misses a running kick. Bowens hits a neck breaker and running knee, and Silver rolls out of the ring. Bowens follows him and hits a running elbow. Silver is rolled into the ring, and Evil Uno shows up from under the ring and runs Bowens into the ring post. He is rolled into the ring and Silver hits a running knee for the pin and the win.

Winner: John Silver

We get a taped promo from Eddie Kingston. He explains his history with Claudio Castagnoli and he keeps thinking the fights they have had will fix it, but the fight at Grand Slam will fix it.

In the back, Renee Paquette is with Orange Cassidy and Hook, and Hook is munching on chips. Hook says they should do a tag match of something. Orange agrees.

Aussie Open (Mark Davis and Kyle Fletcher) vs The Already In The Ring An Unnamed Tag Team

They hit a Coriolis less than a minute after the bell.

Winners: Aussie Open

They have a mic and say that FTR had a good match earlier, but they won their match last night in less than a minute, and tonight was even quicker. They say they have won just as many titles as FTR and they are calling their shot on October 1st at Wrestle Dream.

We then get Toni Storm with RJ City and an old time Hollywood opening. She talks about how the business has changed and isn’t about making Big Stars and money while complaining about the light.    

We then get another “I am coming back” promo from Scorpio Sky and he is going after Andrade.

Scorpio Sky vs Andrade El Idolo

Andrade offers the hand, and Sky shakes the hand of the referee instead. Andrade gets a side headlock and turns it into an arm bar. Sky uses it for a hip toss and Andrade gets a front facelock on the mat. They work to their feet and then Sky gets a kick and then spins Andrade while keeping him in a head scissors. Andrade gets a dragon screw in the ropes. Andrade goes to the top and Sky knocks him down to the floor as we go picture in picture.

When we return to full screen, Sky has Andrade in a rear chinlock on the mat. Andrade works to his feet and Sky is able to get a belly to back suplex on Andrade. Sky gets in forearms and kicks to keep Andrade on the mat. Andrade calls for more. Sky gets in a kick and Andrade grabs a dragon screw, and flying elbow. Andrade kips up and charges into Sky and Sky gets an elbow, a pair of sunset flips for two.

Andrade rolls to the outside and Sky leaps onto him. Andrade is rolled into the roing and Sky follows, but he is limping. They trade blows in the middle of the ring and Andrade gets a back elbow. Sky gets a rollup for two. Andrade locks on the figure four and turns it into the figure eight and Sky has to tap out.

Winner: Andrade El Idolo

The crowd was on their hands for most of this match since we haven’t seen either man in the ring for a long time.

Bullet Club Gold comes to the stage. Jay White says he watched Andrade watching Bullet Club last week, but he thinks what he really wants is the Switchblade Spotlight, so next week, he can get his chance. Jay says if that doesn’t work for him, they can do it right now.

Referees and security keep them apart, and the Bullet Club sit down and watch the referees keep Andrade in the ring.

We then get a recap of Don Callis saying he will go after Kota Ibushi, followed by a recap of the history between Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi. 

Tony Schiavone is with Shibata, and he holds up his phone to say he will be at Wrestle Dream.

The Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff Hardy) vs The Righteous (Vincent and Dutch)

Matt and Vincent start off and Matt peppers Vincent with blows. Vincent hits a double ax handle off the ropes and tries for a snap mare, but Matt cuts him off. Matt slams Vincent’s head into the turnbuckles before tagging in Jeff. Dutch tries to interfere but is tossed over the top. The Hrdy quickly double team Vincent and Jeff hits a leg drop for two.

Jeff hits a drop kick and tags in Matt. Jeff hits the flying leg in the corner, and Matt slams Vincent into the corner. Dutch tags in and hits a black out on Matt as we go picture in picture.

When we return to full screen, Matt hits a side effect on Vincent and Jeff is tagged in and cleans house. Jeff gets a cover after a stunner and Dutch breaks it up. Matt joins Jeff and they Clothesline Dutch out of the ring. Matt hits a side effect on Vincent, and Dutch knocks Jeff off the top.

Dutch drags Matt out of the ring and slams him into the ring steps. Vincent hits Jeff with an assisted DDT, using Dutch as a jumping off point for the pin and the win.

Winners: The Righteous

Having the Righteous get the majority of their offense in the picture in picture was a poor choice, since they are fairly unknown right now. Dutch says they seek truth in the liar’s eyes. Vincent says they just defeated one of the best tag teams in the world. And the world is filled with false idols and con men. Vincent says says they will end false love like the love between MJF and Adam Cole. 

I’m sorry, after Wednesday, it’s ADAM! ADAM! AAAAAADAM!

Claudio has a backstage promo and says he knows Eddie and he knows what Eddie threw away. He beat Eddie before and he will beat him again because he’s sick of it and he will burn it all down to ashes.

Tony Schiavone was with FTR who go over the teams lining up to fight them.

Tony is with Ricky Starks and he’s mad that he doesn’t have a match for Wrestle Dream, and he is going to be Bryan Danielson’s nightmare. So next week, it will be a Texas Death Match between them so he can put an end to Bryan Danielson. 

Kris Statlander (AEW TBS Champion) vs Britt Baker

Jim Ross joins commentary.

They take their time to lock up as the crowd cheers them both. Baker grabs a side headlock and Statlander shoots her into the ropes and hits a shoulder tackle. Statlander then slams Baker and Baker rolls out of the ring to regroup. 

Baker gets in the ring and they trade forearm shots. They go to the ropes and then into the corner and Statlander goes up and over and has to shake out her knee. Baker hits a sling blade and Statlnder hits a power slam for two as we go picture in picture.

When they return to full screen, Statlnder misses a moonsault. Baker snaps Statlnder’s neck on the top and slams Statlnder’s legs around the ring posts. Baker hits a pair of sling blades. Statlnder hits a blue thunder bomb for two. She hits a second for two. Baker trips Statlnder and hits the curb stomp for two. Baker grabs her glove and calls for the lockjaw. Statlnder rolls her up for two.

Baker gets a headscissors take down and tries for the lockjaw, but Statlnder blocks it. They trade forearms again, and Baker wins the exchange and then gets the rear kick. She misses a discus lariat and hits another rear kick. Statlander takes Baker down with a clothesline and both of them are down on the mat.

Both are up around the same time and Statlander gets an uppercut in the corner. Baker tries for a destroyer, but Statlnder blocks it. Baker is able to get the rollup for two. Statlander ties up for the Saturday Night Fever but Baker escapes and hits the destroyer. She follows with Angel Wings and covers for two. 

Baker goes to the second rope and Statlander grabs her. Baker turns it into the octopus and turns it into the lock jaw. Statlnder rolls onto her back for the pin and the win.

Winner and still TBS Champion: Kris Statlnder

We see Julia Hart is watching from the crowd. Statlnder helps Baker to her feet and raises her hand. 

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