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By Joshua Higham on 2023-09-16 00:11:00

AIW presents JT Lightning Invitational Tournament: Night One

Temple Live

Cleveland OH 

September 15, 2023

This is the tenth tournament, honoring the late Cleveland wrestling legend, JT Lightning. AIW owner John Thorne has said that JT Lightning specifically asked to ensure he was not forgotten, hence an annual tournament. Twelve singles matches tonight lead to three four-way one-fall matches and a three-way eliminator final tomorrow night. The winner gets a title shot of their choice.

Block B: Tre Lamar vs Vik Vice

Apparently, both competitors requested this match. But we lose the stream. Tre Lamar defeats Vik Vice just as the stream returns. 

Block C: Ziggy Haim vs Magnum CK

The Final Girl of The Production now vs The Leading Man of The Production back in the day. Magnum CK returns to AIW in his first singles match here in five years. CK uses his size advantage, but Big Zig is able to fight back. High angle uranage and inverted suplex gets CK the win, but he looks almost conflicted about it. CK helps Zig to her feet. Zig is ready to keep fighting, but CK offers his hand. 

Block B: Dex Royal vs Colin Delaney

Dex Royal is a replacement for Shaw Mason, who is out with a burst appendix. Royal impressed AIW officials at the most recent Black Label Pro and Rumble on Main Street events. Colin Delaney has wrestled at every JLIT so far, coming out with a nod to the Undertaker and his streak. Royal using his speed and aerial technique as Delaney uses his veteran prowess. Delaney starts bleeding hardway, and isn't aware of it until the ref starts gloving up. Royal blocks a stunner and hits a shooting star press to Delaney standing on the floor. Royal tries for a double underhook, but Delaney counters and bridges for the three count.

Block B: Mikey Montgomery vs Joseline Navarro

It's still a little weird to see Montgomery as the baby face after Eric Taylor ended the Bitcoinboiz team a few months ago. Navarro focuses on Montgomery's left leg. Montgomery is able to connect with a variation of a Blue Thunder Bomb into an STF. Joseline goes for the eyes and hits Widow Peak, throwing a tantrum when Mikey kicks out. Mikey escapes the corner splash and hits a Finlay roll for the win.

Block A: Filthy Tom Lawlor vs Austin James

Tom Lawlor is wearing baseball gear to seemingly mock his opponent. Austin James is completely his first year as a pro, but has pulled out of recent matches with an ankle and foot injury. Lawlor gets the flash pin to advance in the tournament. 

Block A: Derek Dillinger vs ???

The winner of last year's tournament has a mystery opponent, since Psychosis was unable to get into the US. The music hits, and it's Matt Justice, winner of the 2019 JLIT! They go to the floor, and Dillinger is bleeding badly. Back in the ring with chairs, doors, and trash cans. Cinemassacre elbow gets Dillinger the win. 

Intermission to hopefully clean this mess up.

Block C: Katie Arquette vs Mance Warner

Arquette is tired of waiting for Simple Man. Ol' Mancer finally comes to the ring and takes the mic. He says they are going to have an old-fashioned technical match, no doors, no chairs, no skewers. He gets Katie to pose for the camera and attacks with the mic. Mancer throws a chair at Arquette. Mance grabs an armbar and bites Arquette's finger. Arquette superplexes Mance thru the chairs. Mance comes back with a chokeslam thru the chairs. Eye poke and DDT, and Mance Warner moves on. Mance promises to do whatever it takes to win this tournament.

Block C: Chavo Guerrero Jr vs Dom Garrini

Commentary mentions Garrini hasn't lost in singles competition this year. Grappling, mat wrestling, and strikes, a stark contrast to the more hardcore matches before it. Chavo gets the win with a frog splash. Chavo gets the mic and thanks the fans.

Block B: Alec Price vs Paul London

Alec Price, the current IWTV Champion without the title with him tonight, returns to AIW to face the Cosmic Cactus, who is going to wander thru the crowd and sing his own entrance music. London jumps before the bell. Just as he did the last time, Paul London takes the bags out of trash cans, hitting Price with them. They are brawling thru the crowd whipping trash bags at each other while the ref wisely wears a poncho. Back in the ring, a spinning heel kick for a two for London. Price gets the momentum going, but London schoolboys and grabs the tights for two. Price rolls away from the shooting star press and hits the surprise kick for the win.

Block A: Sam Holloway vs Chuck Stone

Chuck Stone won the Bill Alfonso Hardcore Tournament this year and is now forging a singles path as his partner, Arthur MacArthur, has stepped around from in-ring action. This is your hoss fight for the tournament. Avalanche chokeslam gets Sam Holloway to win to cap off his rookie year.

Block C: Wes Barkley vs Eric Taylor with The Duke

One of last year's finalists is taking on the current Intense Champion. The title is not on the line. Barkley avoids a tope from Taylor, which wipes out The Duke. Taylor is able to evade the KDogg and hits a backbreaker.  Barkley gets the KDogg on the second. Maserati Driver from Barkley, but the ref goes down. The Duke tries to intervene and gets kicked low. Barkley hits the Stroke onto the guardrail. Duke hits Barkley with a chair. The ref revives. Barkley tries to climb the ropes and misses the frog splash. Sick kick and a swinging backbreaker gets Eric Taylor into the next round.

Block A: Joshua Bishop vs Masato Tanaka

Bishop and Tanaka are trading shots, brawling on the floor. Bishop goes under the ring and pulls out a table. Not a door, a table. They fight on the apron, and Bishop hits the Bishop Bomb thru the table. Rolls Tanaka back into the ring, and Bishop hits a flying elbow for two. Tanaka fires up, hitting Bishop with a chair before heading into the crowd. Brawling back to the ringside area, Bishop pulls more chairs and tables from under the ring. Tanaka powerbombs Bishop thru a table to the chair. Back in the ring, Bishop connects with a spinebuster onto flat chairs on the mat. Death Valley Driver onto chairs only gets Bishop a two count. Tanaka fights back and gets a tornado DDT off the ropes. Tanaka crawls over, but Bishop kicks up at two. They trade forearms. Bishop hits a Black Hole Slam for two. Chairs and headshots. Sliding D and Masato Tanaka wins. 


Dustin Alberty and AIW President Matt Wadsworth handled commentary. Charles Van, Porter O'Shea, Jake Clemons, and Tom Dunn were the referees. 

JLIT weekend continues Saturday afternoon with Fresh Meat 3, where the graduating class of the AIW Academy have their debut matches against the established roster members. 

Then, Saturday night, the JT Lightning Invitational Tournament continues with the semifinals:

Derek Dillinger vs Tom Lawlor vs Sam Holloway vs  Masato Tanaka

Tre Lamar vs Mikey Montgomery vs Colin Delaney vs Alec Price

Chavo Guerrero vs Magnum CK vs Mance Warner vs Eric Taylor

The winners will meet in a three way dance.


Matt Cardona and Steph de Lander vs PME 

and Lance Archer wrestling, as a replacement for Eddie Kingston.


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