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By Dave Scherer on 2023-09-13 09:56:00

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I'm curious why we don't see more comparisons between AEW and Impact. Sure, AEW started bigger and faster, but if you think about it both were upstarts viewed as the #2 company in the US, both were drawing about half of what WWE was, both had a ton of talent but painful storylines....  Is AEW destined to become just another niche promotion like Impact has?

As long as Tony has the money to keep it running and he has the major TV slots, AEW will be around in current form.  As for the comparison, I have made it myself many times.  In my opinion, Tony Khan is a peer of Dixie Carter’s promoting and Vince Russo’s booking.  I think that the comparison are apt.

What do you think of the rumor that Vince McMahon faked his back problems due to his legal issues? When he had his trial in the 90s, the rumor was he used a neck brace to get sympathy when he was being sued. Could he be doing the same thing now? 

I think anyone who believes that is a conspiracy theorist.  Vince was the CEO of WWE at the time of his surgery.  Top officers in companies can't lie like that.  Back in the 90s, WWE was a private company.  It's a monumental difference.

Always fun for your opinion as you're normally down the middle.  Thoughts on Mr. Cornette daring AEWs legal to sue him? 

I always try to be fair but I admit when I give my opinion, it’s just that (thought it’s based on actual fact and not biased “news”).  I can get pretty animated when voicing my opinion but Jim is next level where that’s concerned, which is why he is so damn entertaining.  My thoughts on daring a billionaire to sue me?  That’s ballsy as hell and it’s not something I would want to do.

Clearly, there’s a lot of blame to go around for CM Punk’s massive AEW career flameout. However, it’s tough to dismiss CM Punk being the common denominator in his own turmoil - and I am a CM Punk diehard who would LOVE to see him finish his career in style with WWE!  How could have CM Punk better handled the AEW drama he encountered more professionally? 

He could have let the crap flow off of his back and not let the people who were trying to get to him actually get to him.  But that isn’t how he is wired so the inevitable happened.

Also, if CM Punk really does have interest in a WWE return, how can CM Punk assure HHH/Vince a new run will not end up disastrously like 2014 and that he won’t be a locker room/morale concern like he was in AEW?

I don’t think he can just promise it won’t happen and WWE will just accept it.  I think that they will need to make it clear that, to quote Dean Wormer from Animal House, that he’s on double secret probation (that isn’t a secret).  I think they would need to make it clear that he’s on a one strike policy.  If he really wants to go there and end his career at the mountain top, he will make sure no AEW events happen.

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